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Collars and Speedos

Posted on Apr 26, 2012

Here is a brief interview with a speedo obsessed puppy that I have played with a few times. Enjoy. Andrew: How long have you known you were a pup? Speedopup: I think I’ve always known, it’s just been an instinct I guess, natural feeling I’ve just had. It feels right for me A: So what was your first experience of pup play? S: LOL, convincing my mate to walk me on a leash :S A: Tell me about that S: Well it didn’t take much convincing, he pretty much knows everything about me, he is aware I am a deviant, so it didn’t really surprise him when I asked, he sorta had a shit eating grin when I asked. He is straight but he is defiantly a Dominant guy. I think he enjoys my submissiveness to be honest A:...

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