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Free Time, Solitude & Very Fast Internet Connection

Posted on Oct 18, 2013

I’m impressed with the number of young guys who are into fisting. I’ve been chatting with a hot 21yo who agreed to let me share his story. Andrew: So how did you get into fisting? Ellis: Well, my parents decided to move away from Sydney to a more rural area when I was 16, and I was left with a lot of free time, solitude and a very fast internet connection 😛 Andrew: That’s a great quote  😛 Ellis: I first came across big cock, then big dildos, and then huge dildos… And then fisting. I just found it really hot. So when I moved to the city for uni when I was 18, I decided to actively look for experience 🙂 It’s difficult finding young guys who are in to this sort of stuff. Or rather, young guys...

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