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Riding Jay Hard – Award winning ass

Posted on Dec 16, 2013

It’s so nice to see Soxster boys out in the world achieving their sexual potential. You might remember a post from last week where Jay recounted his experience at Fickstutenmarkt in Germany. Here is an email I got from him with some exciting news. Hey Andrew I was just informed by the organisers of fickstutenmarkt that I was voted ‘Mare of the Month’ in the Leipzig fickstutenmarkt! Here is what they wrote: Last Saturday, December 7th you came to our horse fair party (Fickstutenmarkt) in Leipzig and participated in the „Mare of the Month“ contest. After just having evaluated all casted ballots, I  -as the bearer of good tidings-   would like to inform you that you won the contest and were elected as our “Mare of the Month, December 2013 in Leipzig”.Do allow me to send you our most...

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Riding Jay Hard – Q&A

Posted on Dec 12, 2013

Here are some Q&As with Jay regarding his visit to Fickstutenmarkt. If you have any more questions for him please let me know.  🙂 Was it all safe sex? Yes it was all safe sex. From all the mares I saw there, everyone wore white hoods (as opposed to red) – safe sex. How long did it go for? Things ended by 11ish so it went on for about 4 hrs? Describe the other mares? There was a mix of mares. A mixture in terms of body types, age groups etc. There were two very blond, tall, muscular mares. Some older, heavier set ones. Mostly slim to athletic. How long was your break? I took about a 10 – 15 minute break throughout. Yup, I worked hard that night. Was there one particular stallion who stood out? Why? I...

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Riding Jay Hard

Posted on Dec 10, 2013

As promised Jay has visited Germany and has been having rather a lot of fun….He promised to let us know what he thought about Fickstutenmarkt. Hey Andrew, I owe you two accounts. I will start with my ‘virgin’ trip to fickstutenmarkt (that much talked about horse fair in various German cities) in Leipzig. Why Leipzig and not Berlin? Timing. I couldn’t make the one in Berlin (personal scheduling issues). What I did manage to do was to arrange a Thursday at Lab-oratory and then Saturday at fickstutenmarkt in Leipzig (only 1hr 20mins away by train from Berlin). Not to mention that Leipzig’s a lovely historical city with great architecture but I digress. I arrived in Leipzig on a Friday, already exhausted (but satisfied) from a great night at Lab-oratory’s Naked Sex Party. I decided to walk the city that...

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Jay’s Lab Test – Part 3

Posted on Oct 28, 2013

A note from Jay: Hey there thanks. I saw the posts. Love it. Here are some pics. Hope you like them and their use-able for the site. Yeah, I think the pics are ok. Any reader comments? ...

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Jay’s Lab Test – Part 2

Posted on Oct 27, 2013

As outlined in Part 1, here is Jay’s experience at Lab in Berlin…. I chanced upon Soxster’s great site while doing my research for an upcoming trip to fickstutenmarkt (FSM) in Dec.  We got in touch and he encouraged me to write about an earlier trip to Berlin where I visited Lab-oratory for what I consider to be legendary, naked sex party Thursday nights.  So here’s an account of my trip to Lab this June: While I had been to various parts of Germany (Munich, Frankfurt), I had never been to Berlin (sadly).  So I finally made an overdue trip there this June.  Invariably, I planed the trip with a strong sex focus – being the horny bottom that I am and of course, it IS Berlin!  I am Asian, pretty athletic, with a decent ass (at least I...

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Jay’s Lab Test – Part 1

Posted on Oct 26, 2013

A message and question from a fan…. Hey Andrew I have been reading your site over the last few days.  I love it.  Super hot.  I get a raging hard on just reading the different posts on Fickstutenmarkt (FSM). I am a total bottom, slutty and I hope to think, pretty good at being one. I was at lab-oratory in Berlin in June for their naked sex parties and it was AMAZING.  I was a total slut bottom and there were guys lining up.  Loved it. I missed FSM though.  I am now headed to Germany again in Dec.  I plan to do the FSM Leipzig on 7 Dec.  Because I will miss the Berlin one.   I hope I can write a review for you. Meanwhile I would love to hear more from you about it.  What to...

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