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Snappy’s Sucking Interupted

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

I have been chatting with a cute 18yo named Snappy for sometime. I christened him Snappy due to his fondness for Snapchat.  🙂 He’s a virgin and we had planned to spend quite a lot of time together on Monday, which was a public holiday – part of the Australia Day long weekend. Unfortunately, acting a little too sterotypically like a typical 18 year old, he decided to consume a fair bit of alcohol on the Sunday celebrating our national day – which meant he was NOT in good shape for the Monday. Obviously, I would have preferred him to have been in  much better shape than he was – but I do give him points for not cancelling and at least making it to my house. I think he’s learned a valuable lesson and he will certainly remember...

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Snappy Time

Posted on Jan 9, 2014

I’ve been talking with a young guy this week who I shall refer to as Snappy who seems to know exactly what he wants. He’s just turned 18 and hasn’t had a lot of sexual experience – or to put it more accurately hasn’t had any at all. Nonetheless his interest in BDSM is long standing. I asked Snappy to describe where his interest in BDSM started and how he pictured his first session and this was his response. As a kid who looked for porn to watch before his parents came home from work on his computer, I would always somehow end up on the Fetish part. My love for it grew when I realised that the possibilities were endless when it came to BDSM, Leather, punishment, pain and whatever else tickles your fancy. Enter mid 2013, I...

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