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Tender Time with Toomas

Posted on Sep 12, 2015

I do like playing with Toomas….he’s an amazing boy. We had dinner together, a few drinks and ended up with him leathered up in my bed at my mercy. There was lots of making out, which he is really good at, followed by me strapping him into my leather creation. While he lay there, I took a large sniff of amyl and then locked lips with him while I blew it into his lungs. His ass is tight and hot, his cock is beautiful and his balls were particularly pendulous during the session.  🙂 It was so nice to have a very relaxed session with lots of making out, sucking, teasing, with some electro (which he hated) and nipple play (which he loved).  It was such a pleasure to make him blow his load over his pale white skin....

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Restraining Toomas

Posted on Jan 21, 2014

Some pics from a great session with Toomas…he’s a really lovely guy – and I can’t wait to tie up him again.  🙂 I love tying a boy’s balls to his ankles – it’s so much fun.  Toomas isn’t particularly into ass play, but he enjoyed this session with some small toys and gentle opening him up. Great cock, awesome body (the kind I love), he’s tall (but not as tall as me) and has a great attitude and personality. Definitely a boy you regret untying at the end of the night.  😛 Don’t forget to subscribe to soxster on Tumblr – I’d really appreciate it! ...

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Sounding Toomas

Posted on Jan 11, 2014

Some pics of Toomas – who is an amazing boy in and out of bed.  🙂  He was put into the stocks, sounded and then played with – which was a new experience for...

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Stuck On You

Posted on Aug 17, 2012

A question from a reader: Hey Andrew, what kind of wrap do you use when you mummify a guy? Got a sub guy who wants me to do it to him 😛 And how much tape to you usually use? Any type of cling wrap is fine – just make sure you have enough. I generally do a thin layer of tape over cling wrap – eg the strength is in the cling wrap, rather than the tape. Cling wrap is generally easier to work with than tape. Obviously never do tape onto bare skin – it can leave marks. I don’t generally have a preference for wrap – any type of cling film should be ok. I find that shorter rolls generally work better than longer rolls. They are just easier to control. The main risk from mummification...

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