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Looking back at Archer’s First Fuck

Posted on Feb 22, 2016

Archer is an interesting boy – I’ve written about him before. He’s been on a long journey to accepting the fact that he likes cock, and reconciling that with the rest of his personality. He’s used to being in control and the idea of getting fucked definitely took some getting used to. He sucked my cock years ago – and then kind of wimped out half way through. I’ll tell that story another time but I think it’s time to share some photos. He’s clearly been very interested in submission for sometime – initially from women and now from me. I’ve included some pics below from the first time he got fucked. The photos aren’t the best. He’s very tall so when he was lying back in my sling there was a little bit of a shar pei puppy...

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Archer’s Anal Target

Posted on Feb 13, 2016

After my recent post about a good dildo for Peter, Archer emailed me: Hey, just read your latest post…were you being facetious about the dick rambone dildo, or is that a good realistic one for me to ‘practise’ with till you return? If so, I’ll get it and get to work.  My response was: Hey there! Dick Rambone is a big toy but I think it would be good for you. Don’t expect to get it in right away – just grind your ass on the head and feel it stretch you out.  🙂 Any more plans to visit NYC?  To go into a little more detail, Archer has been only fucked by me, but has some dildo experience with mistresses and by himself. I really think that Rambone is a really good fit for him, as it’s definitely...

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Posted on Sep 21, 2015

I’ve been talking with Archer for a year or so. He is a straight boy very interested in becoming a sub. He had subbed for a number of professional mistresses – and really enjoyed it – but was wondering if he would enjoy being worked over by a guy. He had come over once before for a bdsm session but decided – right after he put my cock in his mouth – that he wasn’t ready for it. We ended the session, he dressed and left but we continued to talk online occasionally. A few months ago he started to suck the cock of another guy and found he really enjoyed it. He particularly liked making another guy blow his load. We talked and it became clear that he had changed his thinking and that he was more interested...

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