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Jace, an ass as big as Texas

Posted on Jun 28, 2016

I first met Jace on a trip to NYC when he was an adorable 19 year old. He was a very horny boy – and spent an evening of lust with a young friend of mine. He’s now 23 and still a very horny boy who loves to get fucked. Over the years he’s sent me quite a few photos of him blowing his load, getting fucked or just showing off his pretty sizeable cock. He’s had quite a few adventures in his time and he’s agreed (eagerly) for me to start sharing them with all of you.  The pic of his hole open was after he got fucked by one of his friends yesterday. I know it’s an assortment of pics in this post but you can expect to see a lot more from this very sex crazed boy....

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