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Sissyboy takes a fist…

Posted on Jun 29, 2017

I really think that this video on Xtube of me fisting Sissyboy deserves more love…he’s come a long way since he first took a fist with me.

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Return of Tel

Posted on Jun 28, 2017

They grow up so fast! I first filmed Tel when he was 19. He’s not a twink anymore, but he’s grown into a very interesting young man.  🙂 He hadn’t had his hole worked in a while….so he came over for a session (ok, so he begged me for a session for several weeks). It’s really nice to catch up with boys and see how their kinks have progressed. Tel is very much into chastity these days, but we were able to get him out of his cage for long enough for this...

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Ru’s First Time

Posted on Jun 26, 2017

Ru is 23 and had  never been with a guy before.  He found and then tracked me down through Recon. He’s a sweet guy who wanted his first experience to have certain BDSM elements – I was happy to oblige.  I’m very proud I was able to give him an amazing first time.  In this own words: First times in people’s lives are always special moments. Ones that stay in someone’s memories for the rest of their lives. Even though we know deep in our souls that doing something for the first time is something we truly want, there is always an element of fear and paranoia that comes with diving off the diving board for the first time. That was me. At the age of 23, I had never seen another person’s naked body, let alone get sensual...

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Slavepup – Welcome to Melbourne

Posted on Jun 23, 2017

Melbourne is a wonderful, kinky city. I’ve lived in several Australian cities, London, Toronto, New York and regularly travelled around the world. In terms of kink Melbourne is definitely ahead of New York, Chicago and Toronto. Not as kinky as Berlin, but they teach fisting in school over there, so it’s probably not a fair comparison.  😛 22 year old Slavepup just moved to Melbourne and I decided to make him welcome. I invited Grayson along to join the fun – when he first appeared on Soxster he was a teenage twink –  but he’s definitely developed his Dom side and is actually probably more vicious with impact play than I am. Don’t let him near your ass without adult supervision unless you’re prepared to have a sore ass for a week. I’ll post some photos from this session soon. During the session I...

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Hawker’s Hot Hole

Posted on Apr 6, 2017

Another blast from the past – photos from my session with Hawker! 🙂  Make sure you check out the sequence of photos when he has to push the giant metal ball out of his ass. Very hot.  The videos of him being fisted in this session are some of the hottest I’ve ever taken. He could really take a punching!  🙂...

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Working Over Carson

Posted on Mar 8, 2017

Another blast from the past….the wonderful Carson. Such a beautiful boy – he must have been about 21 when these pics were taken. He’s remained almost as good looking as he was then!...

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Shaving Grayson…

Posted on Jan 30, 2016

It’s always a bit of fun when a boy wants his ass shaved….what can I say, I’m helpful. ...

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Cartoon Grayson….

Posted on Sep 24, 2015

I’ve been commissioning cartoon again….here’s some of Grayson….   🙂 Which version do you prefer? Comments welcomed!...

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Biramaye Visits

Posted on Sep 6, 2015

Biramaye came for a visit recently…he’s been having a really interesting time lately. I hope to explore his current living arrangements in a future post… This was an interesting session where I tried something new. I filled a pressure spray bottle with alcohol and as I was fucking Biramaye I sprayed it into his mouth – getting him progressively more wasted. When he was bad I just sprayed it over his face – causing the alcohol to sting his eyes. It was pretty fucking hot…..definitely something to do again….with a variety of alcohols. ...

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SLH’s First Legal Fuck

Posted on Aug 15, 2015

Had a really great session last week with SLH, an eighteen year old boy who hadn’t tried kink before but was really keen to do so. It ended up being quite a long session. It started with him coming in and saying hi before he was blindfolded and stripped naked. He had only been with a few other boys before – and not since he had turned eighteen. He is tall and lean and one of those quiet, nice, polite boys that you feel almost guilty for corrupting. Almost. His cock sucking skills were really good and it wasn’t long before he was encased in leather. He was incredibly nervous and so I took things really slowly. He was very quiet and shy and one of the things that I loved about his session was that I taught him...

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Posted on Aug 12, 2015

My first message from Timon was pretty standard: Thanks for getting back to me.  I’m living your tumbl. I’m very curious about all this. To the point where I would like to try stuff with someone who knows what they’re doing and it’s safe and clean. I’m 24. Slim. Blonde. Tall. Vers bottom and definitely has a kinky side. Can you tell me a little about yourself and let me know if it’s something you can help me with. Thanks 🙂 We agreed to do a session and he came over and was blindfolded on entry. The session went really well, and he had expressed an interest in being sounded. The blindfold came off about half way through the sounding so that he could see the steel pushing in and out of his cock.  🙂 Timon wants to come back...

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Mars Cartoon

Posted on Jul 15, 2015

I thought it was time to commission some more cartoons for Soxster – and I hope you like this image of Mars….he’s an insanely hot boy with a massive cock, a willing ass and a great attitude. The artist did two versions – one with cum leaking from his ass and one without….which do you prefer?  🙂 Please comment...

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We are the cartoon heroes…

Posted on Jun 28, 2015

I’ve been commissioning more cartoon art again….this the adorable Charlie.  🙂 It’s based on a photo I took of him when his cute 18yo ass was in a sling at the Gatehouse. It was the first time we’ve met.  🙂  I’m going to be lucky enough to plow his cute ass over one last weekend before he turns 20. So here’s to one last teenage fuck….and the hundreds to come beyond...

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Pizza Serving Suggestion….

Posted on Apr 18, 2015

I worked over Wahmiq again this week. He was blindfolded on entry and brought into my apartment. He only worked out I had mates over after he was stripped and in the cuffs. After he was helpless I informed him that we were waiting for some more friends to arrive before we would unwrap him and gang fuck him. In truth, that was never going to happen.  I needed to catch up with my mates to discuss some matters over dinner – and I thought that I might as well use the time productively while Wahmiq was bound in the corner. After three hours, and very pleasant dinner and conversation, my mates left and I got down to business with tormenting Wamiq one on one. Here is how he described the session: So once again i got to meet...

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Doulton’s ass gets damaged

Posted on Mar 21, 2015

I played with a new eighteen year old boy this week….and I thought that you all might like to see the emails that led to the session – and then his write up of it. I love your work. I am based in melbourne I am 18, recently turned 18. I have a great ass and love getting fucked and submitting to others and was wondering if there was a way I could get in touch with you and maybe even get fucked and serve you (that’d be really great!!) I have always wanted to be owned and dominated but was scared doing it while underage. My fantasy is to be treated like an object, not a living thing. My purpose only to please my master and nothing else. I am very horny and would absolutely love to submit...

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Peter gets fucked like a rabbit…part 3

Posted on Nov 8, 2014

Here are some pics of eighteen year old Peter during our first session. This was the first time he had gotten laid since he turned 18.  🙂 Make sure you check out the final photos where I had blown my load over his face while his blew his load over his stomach and chest.  🙂  ...

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Peter gets fucked like a rabbit…..part 2

Posted on Nov 7, 2014

And now my side of the story…. Peter and I had talked about catching up before but he had gotten nervous and hadn’t committed to a session. But finally his horniness had overcome his teenage nervousness. He texted me to say he was waiting downstairs. I grabbed my keys and jumped in the lift to collect him. He was perfect. Eighteen, cute as hell, hair on that light brown/blond divide, glasses that made him seem adorkable and a nervous country boy smile.  Before he made it into the lift I was already hoping that this wouldn’t be a one off. We shook hands and exchanged pleasantries in the lift. When we reached my apartment door I made sure that he wanted to do the session, which he enthusiastically reassured me that he did.  I pulled the fur lined black...

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Peter gets fucked like a rabbit…

Posted on Nov 5, 2014

I had an amazing night last week with a fucking adorable 18 year old.  While he was very inexperienced, Peter and I fucked like rabbits and I had an awesome time. He has this incredibly adorable habit of biting his lip in anticipation that drove me absolutely wild. I’ll give you my impression of his session in a later post, and then show you some photos of him in action (his first fuck after he turned 18), but to start with, this is what he thought of the session… I honestly didn’t know what to expect out of my first session with soxster – I do know his name, I just have it as soxster in my head though. I was extremely nervous as it was my first experience with something new and different, so I didn’t know what...

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Sissyboy in the sling…

Posted on Aug 15, 2014

I really enjoy my sessions with Sissyboy. He has one of the best asses you will ever have the pleasure of fucking. He can take a pounding and loves every second of it.  🙂 Five star ass.  ...

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Jarry gets piston pumped

Posted on Aug 14, 2014

Really great fisting session with Jarry. This kid can really take a fisting. He loves long strokes from the finger tips to the elbow – and his ass just opens up beautifully.  I had two other soxster boys playing photographer and video assistants for this shoot – and I think they were genuinely impressed with what Jarry could take in a “wtf” kind of way.  😉 He can definitely tell his ass from an elbow – even though he often has his ass wrapped around someone’s elbow.  ...

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Charlie’s Adventures

Posted on Aug 12, 2014

In previous posts I’ve talked about Charlie’s weekend with me in Melbourne. Here are a few pics of what happens when a hot eighteen year old decides to fly in for a weekend…. Oh, and because he lied about his age the first session, I decided to remind him that he was 18 by taping it onto his mummified body and taking a picture.   😉 Whoever ends up with this boy is a lucky, lucky...

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Everything is awesome!

Posted on Aug 4, 2014

After our first encounter at the height of summer I knew that I wanted to see Charlie again. The heat had prevented us from doing everything we had wanted to. He had also later confessed that he had lied about his age and was 18 rather than 19 – in the mistaken belief that I would prefer someone slightly older. I was quite enamored with Charlie. A thin baby bear with a beard and a light covering of fuzz. Someone who is intelligent but also worries too much. In other words, pretty similar to me at his age. Only more adorable. I could recount all the amazing moments we had together over the three nights he spent with me, but to break the weekend down like that seems a little clinical – and I’d like to focus on how...

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How Charlie learned to stop worrying and take the cock: Part 3

Posted on Jul 29, 2014

As promised, here is the third part of Charlie’s recollection of our weekend adventure together.  Stay tuned for another post with some photos from the session and my perspective on the weekend.  I had an amazing weekend with him – and I can’t wait to see him again.   😉 The penultimate day of my Melbourne weekend opened similarly to the previous day, with a morning of snuggling and sleeping that ended at nearly 2 in the afternoon. After grabbing a quick bite to eat, we returned to the apartment, for what Andrew promised would be a hard ride in the sling. Now, I want to re-establish just how bad I am at assplay. Because I’m so lazy, and haven’t practiced at all, I can’t take very much, meaning that even though I like assplay, that shit hurts, yo....

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Nathan with the English Accent

Posted on Jul 24, 2014

Nathan is f**king adorable. Smooth Asian body, perfect English accent and a smile that looks just adorable. Plus an ass that can take a pounding!  🙂  I’ll be writing more about this adorable guy – but for now I’ll just say that fucking him is a LOT of fun. ...

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Biramaye’s back for more

Posted on Jul 23, 2014

I do like playing with Biramaye. He flies in once a year or so and we normally have a pretty good session. I was horrendously busy when he last came to Melbourne, and he didn’t give me much notice, so his ass escaped the good working over that it deserves.  So a pretty standard session where I used and abused him in the way that he enjoys.  One interesting thing was that he wanted to be throat fucked until he threw up – which I did.  I know it’s weird for a blog that regularly features teenage boys being fisted to warn of graphic content, but perhaps the sight of a boy vomiting on his own chest after being throat fucked with his head hanging over the edge of the bed isn’t your thing. Or maybe it is.  You...

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A Mars a day helps me sound, fist and play

Posted on Jul 22, 2014

I had a quick introduction session with Mars – a nineteen year old boy who is almost tall as I. And let’s face it – that’s pretty freakishly tall! He’s smart, cute and I hope to get him back into my sling for a full session soon. I stripped him down, leathered him up and threw him on my bed. I knew we didn’t have much time, so I focused on running a violet wand over his bound body, before clipping him into my sling and sounding his fairly impressive cock. He hadn’t tried studded sounds before – so that was a new experience for him. I played with his ass and he had his first experience of amyl in a gas mask.  A quick, fun, introduction session – which should build trust for our next session.  🙂  I...

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Inspecting Michael

Posted on Jul 20, 2014

I do like playing with Michael.  🙂  We’ve been doing some speculum play.  He’s really enjoyed it – and we’ve done a couple of sessions that I’ll post over the next few weeks. I really love the way he moans as the screw of the speculum slowly opens his ass and holds it open. He has a great ass and I love to fuck it – but it’s time for him to practice with toys so he can take my fist.  🙂  I can’t wait to post videos of my fist in his ass…when it finally happens!  ...

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Ivan’s Eighty Adventure

Posted on Jul 16, 2014

I did a good session a few weeks ago with Ivan in room six at Club 80.  He’s got a great body and an amazing ass, but it didn’t quite cooperate on this occasion.  It happens – you can have the most experienced fistee in the world and occasionally his hole just won’t cooperate.  I had good time though. He’s a nice guy, great body and brilliant attitude.  Hope we can play again soon.  🙂  ...

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Reg’s Close Shave

Posted on Apr 19, 2014

This was an interesting session – it involved ass shaving, penis pump and a vertical mummification. ...

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Flying High in a Sling

Posted on Apr 18, 2014

It’s been a while since I posted, so I thought it might be appropriate for my first post after the break to feature some history. These photos were taken back in 2003. Reg came for a number of sessions – and after a break of a decade or so will be back to play again next week.  He loves tight bondage.  🙂  Pay special attention to the penis pump (not that his beautiful cock needs to be larger), the rather innovative use of ice cubes in a ball stretcher (if I do say so myself) and the sit sling.  This was all filmed at Club 80 in Room 6.  🙂  I will post a few more pics of our previous sessions before posting pics from our session next week. ...

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