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Cooper Does Claw – Part 5

Posted on Jun 5, 2017

The amazing Cooper’s experience at CLAW. I’ll have to do a post about event drop in the near future – for those who haven’t experienced it, Cooper’s description is perfect. Part 5: Monday- Event drop I didn’t know when my check out time was but I didn’t care. I finally got out of bed sometime around 11 and could still smell Karri on my sheets. I didn’t want to move but I knew i had a flight to catch, got dressed, packed, checked out and went looking for lunch.. After lunch I went back to the hotel and I found a quiet corner in the convention center and I just cried. I don’t know how to explain Event Drop very well but it’s a mental sensation after a major event. It had me in tears. They were definitely not...

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Cooper Does Claw – Part 4

Posted on Jun 4, 2017

The fourth part of the irrepressible Cooper’s experience at IML Part 4: Sunday Boy Clark and I planned to meet Sunday morning for naked yoga which has been moved to a smaller conference room that filled up 5 minutes before class even began. Like yesterday we were told to partner up  and stare at each other’s naked bodies, I paired up with boy Clark which caused me to get hard and drip pre-cum. Mike Gerle lead us through a similar class ending on the partner stretches. Mike came by as we started the partner stretching and helped boy Clark achieve a deeper stretch while in the happy baby pose; I started getting hard again just watching. Class finished and we got dressed when I noticed I had forgotten my newly purchased leather cuff so I invited boy Clark to...

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Cooper Does Claw – Part 3

Posted on Jun 3, 2017

The third instalment of the adventures of the adventurous Cooper at CLAW Part 3: Saturday- leather, rope and boots, oh my. As much as I wanted to stay in bed I know I have an itinerary to stick to so I order room service and get ready for my next adventure. My day started with naked yoga in the main ballroom and by the time I got there the only available space was directly in front of the beautiful instructor, Mike Gerle. I wasn’t complaining one bit. Before the class class started I was recognized as the as the mouse trap demo sub from the previous day. Mike started the class by having us pair up and stare at our partner’s body and eyes and junk. After breaking the barrier we were led through a cycle of poses, concentrating...

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Cooper Does Claw – Part 2

Posted on Jun 2, 2017

Part 2 of the adorable Cooper’s write up of his adventures at CLAW – enjoy! Part 2. Friday- Enough rope to go around CLAW has returned to the Cleveland downtown for the past several years and attracts hundreds of men and women from across the globe. Because of the sheer size of the event there are several host hotels in addition to the Westin. Friday morning was my first taste of how big this event spans across the area. Sir Eric and I got had a complimentary breakfast in the lobby with more than 40 leather men and pups who were also staying at there; and I thought that was overwhelming. After breakfast I grabbed my bag and headed over to my hotel, Marriott. I wasn’t expecting a room to be ready so early in the morning but Ms....

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Cooper Does Claw – Part 1

Posted on Jun 1, 2017

Cooper is one of my favourite Soxster boys – and he loves to travel. He recently attended CLAW – and event I’ve been hearing some amazing things about. Last weekend I was at IML in Chicago which is definitely sexy, but CLAW is quickly gaining a strong reputation for being both fun and educational.  Here is Cooper’s review of CLAW. PART 1: Thursday- Welcome to CLAW Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend, CLAW, is a charitable conference celebrating the kink community. I was scheduled to arrive on Friday but due to fomo, fear of missing out, I reached out to friends, looking for place in their rooms and found one. Sir Eric and I met several months ago and he offered a bed for the night because my hotel reservation didn’t check in till Friday. Between a 2.5 hour flight delay...

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Cooper’s Birthday

Posted on Mar 7, 2017

Adorable Cooper had his birthday last year and had an amazing time…I hope you enjoyed his write up as much as I did.  🙂  He’s such a lovely guy and deserves nice masters to do terrible things to him, so if you’re visiting NYC and want an amazing boy to work over let me know (but I’ll want photos as proof).  🙂 On Saturday September 3rd I was invited by Master Jack (masterjacknl) and Master Derrick (muscle4) to a private, safe sex, no chems bdsm party. I woke up Friday in jersey city around 11 am. Had breakfast, went to the gym, trimmed my body,  then rushed to the airport to work a super bumpy flight to London. I get to the hotel around 10:30 I relax a bit, change, and catch the 12:00 bus, which was 30 mins...

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Just another day, working over Cooper

Posted on Jul 7, 2016

As a prelude to this session, I met Cooper at the New York Bondage Club a few weeks ago, and we fooled around a little. He promptly lost my Soxster business card, and spent the next few weeks tracking me down. So he needs to be punished for loosing the card, and rewarded for his ingenuity. It was a very spontaneous session – it was just another day when he messaged me and I had some free time which is reasonably rare for me as I’m normally doing everything else one can do in New York. He had been to a bar very close to my house. I prefer sober boys to play with, I don’t like having to check who’s crazy, or having my psychopharmacologist and I discuss whether I’m perfect for you. I was originally supposed to play...

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