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Polyamorous Playmates

Posted on Jan 15, 2017

I met a fascinating boy this weekend. Jason Carlisle is nineteen, adorable and kinky. I asked him if he would write about his first polyamorous relationship. While ultimately it did not endure I thought you’d be interested in hearing about it. Hopefully Jason will become a regular Soxster contributor – it will be fun to watch his development as a teenage kinkster. His description of falling asleep on the phone reminded me of something that happened tonight – where PB fell asleep while he was on the phone to me. It was so fucking adorable as we talked and his responses got more cuddly and softer until he fell asleep. It’s weird telling someone who is asleep on the other end of the phone that you love them – but you can’t just hang up. 😛 It’s a nice...

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