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Xavier and Tut

Posted on Jan 30, 2014

Here are some pics from a session I did some time ago with Xavier and Tut…two young guys (I think they were 19 and 21 during this session). ...

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Tut Torture

Posted on Jan 28, 2014

A few more pics from a previous session with Tut.  🙂  I shall post some more soon of this pain piggy – who is making great progress with his ass. Totally fistable. ...

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Let’s put on a show

Posted on Oct 22, 2013

An interesting night. I had long thought about getting a web cam that wasn’t integrated into my computer so I could show people what I got up to. My tech savvy little ranga piggy friend came shopping with Sissyboy and I. We found a perfect wireless web cam. We had dinner, came home and installed it and it seemed to be working fine. The tech savvy little ranga piggy then headed off to the under 30s night at the local sauna while I prepared for a session with my two playthings for the eventing – Sissyboy and Tut. Sissyboy went to prepare for the evening by showering and douching and he was lounging around in a white towel as we waited for Tut. When Tut arrived he was blindfolded before he got through the door. Normally I tease boys...

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Tut and Sissyboy get tormented

Posted on Mar 21, 2013

As promised, here are some pics of Tut and Sissyboy being worked over together.  🙂 I thought it was really interesting when their balls were tied together and I was dripping wax on. Sissyboy became very docile and relaxed and enjoyed the experience – he enjoyed the warmth and it became almost a soporific experience for him. However, as soon as the wax started to drip Tut got rock hard with excitement.  Experience – very different...

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Good sex and bad sex, I’ve had them all, and my dear, I’m still here

Posted on Mar 12, 2013

Thank you to my regular readers for their concern – I’m fine and the only reason I haven’t posted lately is that I’ve been busy. Really busy. Sissyboy has embraced ass stretching and is now spending at least a small part of each day with a giant toy up his ass. His fist lessons are going really well. He can now take a hand and have it rotated 180 degrees inside his butt. He loves it so much. 🙂 I’ve met an Egyptian pain puppy who has now done sessions both with Sissyboy and the cutest blond 20yo baby bear you will ever see. If anyone has any suggestions for how they would like to see Sissyboy tormented please let me know. Always willing to hear suggestions. I still have tales of NYC to share with you and more...

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