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Jason’s Success

Posted on Jan 12, 2014

I couldn’t have more respect for Jason. He’s older than most of the guys I play with – but decided he wanted to take a fist. He’s put the time and effort in – and reached his goal. Hell of a nice guy – congratulations!  🙂  Video of this session to come! ...

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Return of Jason

Posted on Oct 25, 2013

An email from Jason….. Hi Andrew, It’s been nearly a year since we had that hot session. I still occasionally look at the pics on Soxster and get off seeing myself at your mercy 🙂 I’m hoping we can hook up again soon?? As you know my goal is to be Fisted. I’ve sent you a few pics of my training to stretch my hole ready for your fist! My bf and I have been successful on two occasions, having him wrist deep inside me and locked in place. It felt amazing!! Like I’d achieved Everest ! It took a lot of time and patience to get there but we did it ! We were then too nervous (and sore) to do much more. I’m looking forward to taking a fist a lot more easily, but with my tardy...

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Jason’s Exploits – Part 2

Posted on Jan 5, 2013

Some photos from Jason’s session…what do you think?  I might have to try and fuck a few older guys.  😉  Doesn’t Jason’s boyfriend have an awesome cock? ...

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Jason’s Exploits – Part 1

Posted on Jan 4, 2013

It’s rare for me to play with older guys – but when Jason, a hot guy in his 40s, messaged me wanting to know more about what I did, and wanting to try it, I was intrigued. His emails were articulate, funny, very horny and his body was pretty damn awesome as well. He wanted a session where his boyfriend would watch. I agreed and set some ground rules – including the fact I wanted to meet his boyfriend first on the night we played so that we could establish a connection before I worked Jason over.  The session went really well. His boyfriend and I bonded before Jason was allowed to enter the apartment – which made the session even hotter. In fact, I think his boyfriend, who was initially hesitant, ended up being even more into it...

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