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The 2014 Annual Cock Sucking Awards (the suckees)

Posted on Aug 3, 2014

Early in Charlie’s visit I told him that he was one of the best cock suckers I had ever experienced. He laughed at me – and didn’t believe me. He didn’t think an eighteen year old who had only blown five people would even be in the running for such a prestigious honour. But he is. His technique is awesome. The difference is that he is, above all else, trying to please. Some boys just shove your cock in their mouth and assume because you’re hard and in a hot, wet place then you’re having a great time. So many boys try and cram as much of your cock into their mouths as possible – rather than trying to do what feels good. Charlie listens to your reactions and adjusts his technique. He pays attention to the foreskin, head,...

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Stairwell Suck

Posted on Jun 12, 2012

So a very hot boy who blows me occasionally – and who has the second hottest mouth I’ve ever experienced – just sms’d me and asked if I was available for a quickie before he caught the last train home….this all happened less than an hour ago. Jeremy: Licks you Andrew: Hey sexy  🙂  how are you? Jeremy: Hahaha a little drunk haha and u! Andrew: Horny.  😉 Jeremy: Oh really? When u last blow! I’m at drinks haha near by! Thought of your massive dick haha Andrew: Last blew last night Jeremy: Mmm wot a waste! Wot you doing? Andrew: Where are you? Jeremy: Lol just around the corner. But really need to catch the last train home. U wanking ATM? Andrew: Was about to? Jeremy: How fast could u blow 😉 if I only had a few...

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