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Bruce gets Beef

Posted on Mar 15, 2017

Living in NYC for a while I was lucky enough to attend a few of the Beef Parties. I highly recommend them as being friendly fuck fests full of great guys. For more information check out I met Bruce at a party and he became a regular fuck buddy until I met PB. Bruce is awesome and if you love fucking beary boys then this guy is perfect to fuck doggy style – his ass is just made for it. And now over to Bruce to describe how we met… *********** Around May of 2016, I was laying naked at Gunnison Beach in Sandy Hook, NJ for the first time. I’ve always wanted to be nude outside, and I had this almost religious experience that day where I realized that I was most definitely a nudist. Initially it was...

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Cooper’s Birthday

Posted on Mar 7, 2017

Adorable Cooper had his birthday last year and had an amazing time…I hope you enjoyed his write up as much as I did.  🙂  He’s such a lovely guy and deserves nice masters to do terrible things to him, so if you’re visiting NYC and want an amazing boy to work over let me know (but I’ll want photos as proof).  🙂 On Saturday September 3rd I was invited by Master Jack (masterjacknl) and Master Derrick (muscle4) to a private, safe sex, no chems bdsm party. I woke up Friday in jersey city around 11 am. Had breakfast, went to the gym, trimmed my body,  then rushed to the airport to work a super bumpy flight to London. I get to the hotel around 10:30 I relax a bit, change, and catch the 12:00 bus, which was 30 mins...

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Fickstutenmarkt Adventures

Posted on Jul 12, 2016

As regular Soxster readers will know, I’ve been to a few Fickstutenmarkt (horse fair) parties in Berlin. For those unfamiliar with the concept, these parties parties involve the mares (bottoms) arriving first and being hooded, before the stallions (tops) arrive to fuck them. The mares aren’t supposed to see the stallions, and it’s an extremely hot night. John read Joel’s experience at Fickstutenmarkt and decided to give it a go – and has written the following account. English isn’t his first language, but I thought it was best to present his write up as he submitted. Enjoy! It was not until last January when I first learnt about the Fickstutenmarkt (FSM) event through some casual surf on the net searching things about a possible subsequent Berlin experience.  I was instantly at loss for words.  I’ve been in saunas and stuff...

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Broadway Bares 2016 – On Demand!

Posted on Jul 7, 2016

Every year, the Broadway community puts on Broadway Bares ( It’s an incredibly worthy charity event, where broadway dancers and choreographers put on two shows (9pm and midnight) with a burlesque twist. It’s held on a Sunday night to avoid clashes with other Broadway shows. I’ve always wanted to attend – and this year I did! Check out the video: The event exceeded my expectations. This year the theme was On Demand, and the premise was a TV station with falling ratings that decides to includes naked content. The performances included a section featuring a sports reporter and a baseball team, a game of thrones parody, election coverage, news and a lot more. The show is incredibly advanced for something that only goes for two performances. Amazing lighting production values, original songs, and a huge cast. Most of...

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NYC Pride Parade

Posted on Jun 30, 2016

So I thought it would be fun to head along to the Pride Parade… there with friends about 12:30pm, and the first floats started going past us about 12:45pm. At six pm the parade WAS STILL GOING! We returned at seven pm and watched the final hour…..let’s put that in perspective. At eight hours in duration, the parade went for as long as two performances of Les Miserables performed back to back! A couple of observations – there was a VERY high level of corporate involvement which I have some concerns with. I mean it’s all well and good that Google, Amazon, JetBlue, United, Delta, etc.. all support the cause – but in 2016 is that really such a surprise? I guess I was a little disappointed that the big companies were taking away some of the focus from...

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NYC Pride Rally

Posted on Jun 29, 2016

On Friday 24 June 2016, the annual Pride Rally was held on Pier 26 at Hudson River Park. Security was relatively tight with bag checks on entry. Free orange bandanas were distributed to remember the victims of the Orlando Pulse Night Club tragedy. There were some beautiful memorials to those who were killed – including the photos of the victims and the owner of the Pulse Night Club making a speech. As a non-American, it was fascinating and slightly disconcerting that the focus was consistently on “standing with Orlando” but without necessarily a practical focus on how that should happen. Emotional support is amazing, but there were no buckets collecting money, no serious calls on how people could mobilise to strengthen gun control laws, or how to help those who were injured in practical ways. Unfortunately, as too often...

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Folsom East

Posted on Jun 22, 2016

Folsom East is a kink street fair held in NYC on West 27th Street – perfectly positioned to give everyone walking down the High Line a great view of the shenanigans. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from the afternoon. Essentially, it’s just one block with a range of stalls, a stage, and somewhere selling beer. It was a warm day, and provided a great excuse for lots of boys to get their shirts off. The stalls were interesting but there weren’t a very large number of them. It was an excuse to dress up, to see and be seen. A few flogging displays, some bondage, a large number of puppies running around (which always makes event more adorable). I wouldn’t classify Folsom East as an unmissable event, but what it interesting is that it then leads into other...

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IML – Elevator Boys

Posted on Jun 13, 2016

Wandering the halls of the host hotel at IML can be genuinely interesting. You come across impromptu flogging sessions, doors left open invitingly and people having sex. One interesting scene was when I came across three hot guys in their late twenties in one of the elevator lobbies in the south tower fucking at about three am. One of them was bent over, with the others enthusiastically using his ass and his face. All three were wearing jockstraps and in great shape. As I watched them fuck, a discussion took place between the two spit roasters about whether they should wake up a friend who had already gone to bed to try the ass of the guy who was bent over. One of them pulled out a phone and grabbed some shots of the boy stuffed with cock. He...

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IML – Blond Brit Urinal

Posted on Jun 5, 2016

I think that one of the things that makes for a good master is a sense of empathy. There are things that I’ve done to boys over the years that I’ve enjoyed not because I’m into it, but rather because I know that they are. Piss play kind of falls into that category. I don’t really find piss erotic, but I do love the reactions of boys who do. I had a few hours spare before I headed off to the Black and Blue Ball, and I popped onto Grindr – because I was in a hotel with lots of horny boys. I found a cute 31yo British boy who was looking for piss. He had helpfully changed his name to Urinal Rm 1059 to make it clear what he was after. He wanted to be pissed on. His...

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IML – Padded Puppy

Posted on Jun 5, 2016

While I was watching the Puppy Mosh at IML I spotted this pup in the crowd. He was wearing diapers and was a little bit shy compared to some of the other puppies. I played with him for a while, and as I sat in a chair overlooking the puppy mosh he came over and rested his head on my knee. I stroked his head as we watched the other pups played. An inspection of his little pup body revealed a very hard cock inside his diapers – that stayed hard the whole time. This was clearly a very affectionate, horny pup and I’m really sorry we didn’t get to play more. He’s kept in touch and said that he wants to submit some puppy pics to soxster – so I hope that happens.  🙂...

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IML – A very Puppy Panel

Posted on Jun 5, 2016

At IML there was a puppy panel convened to discuss pup issues: That Puppy Thing: A discussion of the Pup and Leather Communities Panel Description: You’ve seen them everywhere, but what is all the barking about? How do the Pup and Leather communities relate to each other, and how do they interact? Please join Great Lakes Puppy, both International Puppies, and a panel of community leaders as they discuss the puppies’ place as leatherman’s best friend. The demand for the event was much higher than expected. The relatively small room that was reserved for the session was packed out. There was an adorable moment where in order to make more space, they moved the panel’s table back further and invited puppies to come and sit down on the floor in front of the first row. Puppies love sitting on the...

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IML – Wan

Posted on Jun 3, 2016

Four am at IML and I’m feeling horny. I message a slim 33yo slim sub bottom. He’ s an asian guy who is tiny compared to me – less than half my weight and more than a foot shorter than me.  He’s conveniently located in the south hotel tower (no need to change lifts) and five  floors above me. He has his eyes closed and his ass in the air when I enter the room. I pop a blindfold that I have brought with me over his head, and undress. I’d been at one of the events earlier and I’m still in my kilt, boots and harness. He was expecting a quick and hard fuck – but he said in his messages that he was a sub bottom so I’ve come prepared with enough gear for a fun time. I’m pretty good...

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IML 2016 Review

Posted on Jun 2, 2016

Lots of IML posts coming soon – from the parties, to the puppy mosh, Soxster was there!  🙂  We just need to recover a bit first!...

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IML 2016 – John

Posted on Jun 2, 2016

One of the interesting sessions I had at IML was very spur of the moment. It was early in the morning – and I was after one last session before I headed to bed. I hopped onto Grindr and discovered 31yo John. For those unfamiliar with IML, one of the benefits of having a host hotel is that sex is pretty much just an elevator ride away. An inconvenient fuck would be having to change from the North Tower to the South Tower. I’m going to be doing some writing on safe sex in some future blogs. As regular readers of this blog will know, I don’t have unsafe sex – but for this session I made an exception when I agreed to blow a load over the ass of a boy who had been getting fucked raw, and...

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Puppy Benson at IML

Posted on May 30, 2016

I found this adorable 22yo pup wandering the halls of IML – what first drew me to his was his beautiful blue eyes that matched his puppy gear. He was tall and stood head and shoulders above most of the other pups (still shorter than me though). We exchanged numbers and had been chatting for a while and when I observed the puppy mosh it was hard to keep my eyes off of him. He has the most adorable way of wigging his butt when he’s excited. He gave me the key to his chastity cage so it was only a matter of time before he made his way to my room. We did some puppy play and some bondage, some slapping of his puppy butt, some mummification and he tried out the new butt plug that contains ball...

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Joel’s Fickstutenmarkt Fun

Posted on Oct 30, 2014

Joel has gotten around to describing his session at the Fickstutenmarkt in Leipzig. From his description it was a smaller party that the ones I’ve attended in Berlin, but no less fun.  I hope you enjoy his write up and I know he would really appreciate it if you comment on it. It has taken a few weeks to process what happened to me at Fickstutenmarkt on October 7. It was unquestionably the highlight of my very full sex life up until this point. Revisiting it is something that elicits a broad spectrum of emotions: exhilaration, trepidation, desire and even jealousy. Let’s start from the beginning: I got into Leipzig three or four hours before the beginning of the Fair. Leipzig is not a big city, nor is there a great deal to see and do. It is very...

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Joel’s Upcumming Adventure – Training Begins

Posted on Aug 27, 2014

Joel has started his preparation for being gang fucked at Fickstutenmarkt. He’s determined!  🙂  In his own words…. As I foreshadowed in my first entry, Day One of Operation Open Sesame involved a four-way where I would play the lone bottom to three imposingly hung tops. Two of them are a couple, aged in their late 20s to early 30s. They’re lovely guys who I’ve met twice before, once a handful of years ago when I was a complete novice to trawling for cock online, and once just a week before this meet, after which they were inspired to have me over with one of their mates. Kindly, they often refer to our past two sessions as some of the best fun they’ve had, so of course I am happy to continue lending a helping hole. One of these...

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Joel’s Upcumming Adventure

Posted on Aug 25, 2014

I first did a session with Joel when he was 19 – and he’s grown up a bit since then. It’s time to do what every good bottom boy should do once in his life – got to Fickstutenmarkt in Germany and get gang fucked. They grow up so fast. But no good things happen without practice….so I’m looking forward to following his journey. In Joel’s words: Although I often oscillate between the desires to fuck and be fucked, my heart belongs to bottoming. The problem is, I don’t know how good I am at it. My experiences, which are many and varied thanks largely to regular sauna attendance, are sometimes earth-shatteringly good. But too often my arse just doesn’t seem up for the ride. In some situations, a guy might rush to jab his dick into me when...

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Posted on Aug 1, 2014

A few weeks ago, a Facebook message popped up. “What are you doing on the 19th?” asked one of my regular playmates. “Not sure – why?” I replied. “It’s fetish night at the Laird. I need someone to hold my leash” I grinned. There are worse ways of spending the night than have a mid twenties puppy on the end of a leash. These kinds of nights are essentially grown men regressing to childhood. Rather than dressing up as super heroes, they dress up as gods of leather, rubber and latex. A chance to be creative. Cosplay with cock. It’s like being in a whole room of guys who are regressing to being ten years old, but with massive libidos. It’s very rare that I find an excuse to wear my leather kilt in public.  I decided to match...

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It’s up to you – NY, NY

Posted on Mar 6, 2014

I’ve been in New York for nearly three weeks and it’s getting close to the time I need to head home. I haven’t played with as many boys as you might think, or as I’d like to, but that’s because there is something that is almost as good as sex – and that’s a broadway show. Regular readers of my missives who are show literate will have picked up on a large number of subtle and blatant theatre references. I will return home soon having seen more than twenty performances but I thought that as this blog is about sex and sexuality it was worth mentioning tonight’s show – Queen of the Night. This is an intimate cabaret for two hundred and fifty people – that requires around a hundred staff per day by the time you add up...

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Riding Jay Hard – Award winning ass

Posted on Dec 16, 2013

It’s so nice to see Soxster boys out in the world achieving their sexual potential. You might remember a post from last week where Jay recounted his experience at Fickstutenmarkt in Germany. Here is an email I got from him with some exciting news. Hey Andrew I was just informed by the organisers of fickstutenmarkt that I was voted ‘Mare of the Month’ in the Leipzig fickstutenmarkt! Here is what they wrote: Last Saturday, December 7th you came to our horse fair party (Fickstutenmarkt) in Leipzig and participated in the „Mare of the Month“ contest. After just having evaluated all casted ballots, I  -as the bearer of good tidings-   would like to inform you that you won the contest and were elected as our “Mare of the Month, December 2013 in Leipzig”.Do allow me to send you our most...

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Riding Jay Hard – Q&A

Posted on Dec 12, 2013

Here are some Q&As with Jay regarding his visit to Fickstutenmarkt. If you have any more questions for him please let me know.  🙂 Was it all safe sex? Yes it was all safe sex. From all the mares I saw there, everyone wore white hoods (as opposed to red) – safe sex. How long did it go for? Things ended by 11ish so it went on for about 4 hrs? Describe the other mares? There was a mix of mares. A mixture in terms of body types, age groups etc. There were two very blond, tall, muscular mares. Some older, heavier set ones. Mostly slim to athletic. How long was your break? I took about a 10 – 15 minute break throughout. Yup, I worked hard that night. Was there one particular stallion who stood out? Why? I...

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Riding Jay Hard

Posted on Dec 10, 2013

As promised Jay has visited Germany and has been having rather a lot of fun….He promised to let us know what he thought about Fickstutenmarkt. Hey Andrew, I owe you two accounts. I will start with my ‘virgin’ trip to fickstutenmarkt (that much talked about horse fair in various German cities) in Leipzig. Why Leipzig and not Berlin? Timing. I couldn’t make the one in Berlin (personal scheduling issues). What I did manage to do was to arrange a Thursday at Lab-oratory and then Saturday at fickstutenmarkt in Leipzig (only 1hr 20mins away by train from Berlin). Not to mention that Leipzig’s a lovely historical city with great architecture but I digress. I arrived in Leipzig on a Friday, already exhausted (but satisfied) from a great night at Lab-oratory’s Naked Sex Party. I decided to walk the city that...

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Golden Waves of Pleasure

Posted on Oct 29, 2013

I was having fun with some friends in Room Six of Club 80 – which as I’ve mentioned in a previous post is one of the best rooms you can hire at a sex on site premises anywhere in the world. Room Six is on the loft level – right at the top of the four storey building under the roofline. It was a rainy, blustery day and I was really loving the sound of the rain hitting the tin roof above us in waves. It made me feel warm and safe to be inside while the elements outside lashed the building. It perfectly got me into the mood for sex. Club 80 has a ground floor which is used for private parties and theme events – and as we were playing in room six at the top of...

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Jay’s Lab Test – Part 2

Posted on Oct 27, 2013

As outlined in Part 1, here is Jay’s experience at Lab in Berlin…. I chanced upon Soxster’s great site while doing my research for an upcoming trip to fickstutenmarkt (FSM) in Dec.  We got in touch and he encouraged me to write about an earlier trip to Berlin where I visited Lab-oratory for what I consider to be legendary, naked sex party Thursday nights.  So here’s an account of my trip to Lab this June: While I had been to various parts of Germany (Munich, Frankfurt), I had never been to Berlin (sadly).  So I finally made an overdue trip there this June.  Invariably, I planed the trip with a strong sex focus – being the horny bottom that I am and of course, it IS Berlin!  I am Asian, pretty athletic, with a decent ass (at least I...

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Jay’s Lab Test – Part 1

Posted on Oct 26, 2013

A message and question from a fan…. Hey Andrew I have been reading your site over the last few days.  I love it.  Super hot.  I get a raging hard on just reading the different posts on Fickstutenmarkt (FSM). I am a total bottom, slutty and I hope to think, pretty good at being one. I was at lab-oratory in Berlin in June for their naked sex parties and it was AMAZING.  I was a total slut bottom and there were guys lining up.  Loved it. I missed FSM though.  I am now headed to Germany again in Dec.  I plan to do the FSM Leipzig on 7 Dec.  Because I will miss the Berlin one.   I hope I can write a review for you. Meanwhile I would love to hear more from you about it.  What to...

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Happy Fucking Birthday

Posted on Oct 24, 2013

Logging into Facebook last month I found two party invitations – one for a thirtieth birthday BBQ lunch on a Saturday and one for an orgy the following day. The birthday boy had decided he wanted to enter his “dirty thirties” with a bang – specifically a whole lot of cocks to suck and fuck him, and lots of fists in his butt. It ended up being a great orgy but it started very slowly. As I’ve mentioned before, I really enjoy sex parties where there is a clearly defined start time (e.g. arrive between four and four thirty). It avoids issues of people arriving at different times – trying to avoid being the first to arrive but also not missing the fun. The orgy was being held in Room Six at Club 80 – a legendary room in...

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My Favourite Crouton

Posted on Jun 25, 2013

Southern HiBearnation has just ended in Melbourne – the big bear event. It runs for two weeks and they have a number of bear themed events, including Bearaoke (Karaoke for bears and their admirers) and Bear Soup (the bear swim party at Wet – the Melbourne gay sauna with a 25m pool). I missed it all as I was in Asia. The young puppy I’m traveling with in Asia loves bears and was really sorry to miss the events.  If he had attended Bear Soup, he would have been one of only a tiny number of waif thin white boys there. It would have been awesome to see this adorable boy in a pool crammed with big hairy guys.  I think that he would have been best described as “the crouton” at Bear Soup….well I found the concept funny. ...

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Underwear Party

Posted on Apr 11, 2013

I wandered along to the underwear party at the Laird Hotel last week with one of my soxster boys. It was pretty hot.  I ran into a few people I knew and we stood around in the outdoor area having a few drinks and talking. As the night went on the level of sexual activity increased. The dark rooms really got busy. Lots of cock sucking and some fucking. Probably twenty guys in each dark room. There was some bareback sex happening which always makes me feel slightly uncomfortable. Some of the activity moved outside. It’s interesting to stand around with a group of friends talking and drinking while five young hot guys have an orgy in front of you.  I think what I found most interesting is how normal it all felt. It appears that I’m very used...

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Digital Clocks Aren’t Romantic

Posted on Feb 25, 2013

A very funny comedienne once said that one of the least romantic things to have in your bedroom is a glowing digital clock. She said that it means that you can work out exactly how long the sex lasted –  and that most people would much rather be left their illusions. If it felt like it went for ages then you don’t need to know it was only three minutes. She pointed out that even in the height of passion, most people can still subtract – especially when three of the numbers on the clock haven’t changed. Filming sex means that you can find out from the time code exactly how long it went. I’ve always liked really long sessions and to an extent the video almost becomes a bit of a score card.  Also means you can’t lie....

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