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A Fondle Farewell

Posted on Jul 3, 2013

On the night before I headed overseas, the two twinks who were accompanying me for the first part of the trip slept over so we could all go to the airport together in the morning. I’m going to call them puppy and piggy.  Puppy is into puppy play, and Piggy just likes as many young guys as possible to fill his box with cock.  😉 I invited Mitch over as well – because I wanted to see how he and the puppy would get along. Mitch is 19 and the puppy is 21, but looks much younger. The puppy has been almost exclusively attracted to older beary guys, but I thought that he might like Mitch as he is a mature 19yo who has a killer smile and is incredibly down to earth. They had met once previously but...

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My Favourite Crouton

Posted on Jun 25, 2013

Southern HiBearnation has just ended in Melbourne – the big bear event. It runs for two weeks and they have a number of bear themed events, including Bearaoke (Karaoke for bears and their admirers) and Bear Soup (the bear swim party at Wet – the Melbourne gay sauna with a 25m pool). I missed it all as I was in Asia. The young puppy I’m traveling with in Asia loves bears and was really sorry to miss the events.  If he had attended Bear Soup, he would have been one of only a tiny number of waif thin white boys there. It would have been awesome to see this adorable boy in a pool crammed with big hairy guys.  I think that he would have been best described as “the crouton” at Bear Soup….well I found the concept funny. ...

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The conquering of William, Part 3

Posted on Aug 21, 2012

In preparation for our first session on Friday, William has been shopping for jock straps. I think he has been really enjoying this as he went back to buy some more…as the email chain below shows: I have a confession to make. I may have bolted down to Manhaus after work and picked up another couple of straps.Or you a black or white only kind of Master or do you sometimes allow a boy in colour? I’ll need to see photos of you in them to make a decision I’m in bed with my favorite puppy boy. He is adorable, 20 and has one of the biggest cocks you have ever seen. We have agreed that you can’t really decide on which jock strap without a front view, but we are both leaning towards the black one. Evening Sir...

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