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Daddy Issues – Part 2

Posted on Dec 6, 2012

I’ve had quite a few comments and questions about the post I did on ‘Daddy Issues’. Many people were surprised that he used the safeword. I feel I should clarify that we did play for nearly three hours – and that by the time it came to push my cock into his ass he was quite tired. Perhaps no longer horny enough to take the pain of entry. So it wasn’t a bad session – I really enjoyed it. It was just a little different from most of the sessions I normally do. Pics from the session below!  🙂  ...

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Daddy Issues

Posted on Nov 29, 2012

I did a session with a boy last night that was quite a bit different to what I normally do. He was a cute 21yo asian kid who loves daddy-son role play. What made it interesting was that he wasn’t very verbal at all. He had this tendency during the session of becoming very insular and unresponsive. Essentially he was playing the role of a very scared and submissive child who was almost in denial about what was happening. It makes perfect sense from a role play perspective but it meant that I had to work really hard to see if he was enjoying certain activities. I also wasn’t entirely comfortable with it – as I really prefer the boys who submit to me to be submitting willingly (eg. “I am choosing to submit to you”). He arrived and...

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