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Posted on Dec 23, 2011

It had been a long week. There had been a number of issues at work and I was tired and looking forward to a quiet weekend. I had invited my friend Piggy over to install some extra RAM in my computer on Friday night. He suggested we should first head out to a pub run by a friend of his for dinner and it was about ten pm when we finally got back to my place. By the time the RAM was installed and a few software errors were corrected it was late and so I suggested Dave spend the night. I like it when friends sleep over. I have twin queen bed squeezed into my bedroom and it’s fun to have sleepovers – with or without sex.David is one of the horniest boys I know. He lost a...

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Holiday Sex

Posted on Dec 18, 2011

I had a really amazing three days in Vegas. Lots of shows and some great sex. I got back to the hotel just after midnight on my last night. With my alarm set for five am to catch my seven am flight the smart thing would have been to go straight to sleep. But then I made the mistake of calling my friend David back in Australia to say hi. We talked and reminisced about the time we fucked this cute nineteen year old named Colin. I boned up and spontaneously decided to jump on Grindr. Almost immediately a cute 24yo latino boy messaged me. It was late and we were both horny so it didn’t take too long before I invited him over. Normally I quite like having a bit of online foreplay but not tonight – I...

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