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You don’t know Jack, Part 2

Posted on Sep 28, 2012

Jack has a blog at where he documents his adventures – check it out! ...

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You Don’t Know Jack – Part 1

Posted on Sep 26, 2012

This is Jack.  He is 22 and a delightful red haired cub who lives in Melbourne. He has been interested in the bear community from a young age and we first met when he was 18. For many years  he was the founder and regular host on ‘The Cubby House’ – a radio show on JOY-FM (Melbourne’s gay and lesbian radio station). He is currently the submissive in a long distance relationship with a master living in San Francisco.  He came over to have some photos taken and have an interview that I’ll be posting pics and segments from his interview in sections over the next few weeks. **************** You are currently in a master/sub relationship but you use the designation ‘Pup’. Why ‘Pup’? Well I suppose that’s because it’s a bit of a term of endearment in a...

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Inappropriate Jokes, Part 2

Posted on Sep 22, 2012

Two best friends were having some drinks and discussing their boyfriends. “Do you and your husbear ever do it doggie style?” “Well…not really.” his mate replied, “He’s more of a trick dog” “Oh, I see, kinky, huh?” “Not really….I sit up and beg for sex and he rolls onto his stomach, spreads his legs and plays dead”. ...

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Actively Ignored

Posted on Sep 20, 2012

I was arranging a session with a sub and I had invited a friend over to help. The plan was to tie the sub up and leave him in the corner of the room while we talked and chatted. “So we have to ignore him?” asked my friend “That’s right – but he needs to know that we know he is there but are choosing to ignore him” I replied “Ah,” said my friend, “so we have to ACTIVELY ignore him.” “That’s right!” I grinned. There is actually a big difference between tying up someone and leaving then in another room while you go and watch American Dad for an hour, and having someone tied up in the same room who you ignore for 98% of the time but occasionally throw things at refer to in conversation – to...

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Inappropriate Jokes

Posted on Sep 19, 2012

A little boy asked his mother: “Mummy, why are you white and I am black?” “Don’t ask me that, from what I remember about that party you are lucky that you don’t bark.” ...

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Blue Balls at the Blue Boy

Posted on Sep 18, 2012

When I was 22 I made my first trip to Amsterdam. A really amazing city. Beautiful. Relaxed. Interesting. A city with bikes on dykes, rather than the other way around. It was 1998 and Amsterdam had legal prostitution. There were windows with girls in them in the red light district. Seeing these half naked girls really reinforced my sexual preference as being into men.  The sight of half naked women was doing nothing for me at all.  However, the sight of all this sex on show made me want to do something sexual. I was a pretty innocent guy and  I daringly decided to drop by the BlueBoy – a complex that included a bar, adult cinema, adult book shop and a male brothel.  It was pure curiosity. I sat at the bar, drinking three dollar Pepsis (which was...

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Bikes, Blow Jobs and Luke

Posted on Sep 17, 2012

Every so often it’s good to take the time to have some sex that makes you feel like a teenager again. I was going bike riding with a friend of mine.This guy gives the best head I have ever experienced. And being rather fond of sticking my cock down the throats of hot boys I feel i am in a position of authority to declare him one of the great international cock suckers of all time. When blowing you he knows how to hold you on that line between incredible pleasure and unbearable pleasure.  You alternate between moaning in pleasure and screaming for release. He just knows how to get the right pressure to make it extraordinary. He also swallows every drop. It’s very rare for someone to be able to get me off without my assistance. Not so...

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The Nutcracker

Posted on Sep 15, 2012

When you have a boy’s balls in a vice – they tend to pay close attention to what you are saying.      ...

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Hanging Around

Posted on Sep 15, 2012

It takes a fit boy to be able to hang from his wrists and ankles for an extended period.  It takes a really talented boy to be able to relax while this is happening so that toys can be inserted into his...

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Puppy Play

Posted on Sep 14, 2012

In one of my favorite porn films, the 1980s classic Class Reunion by William Higgins, there is a scene where in the middle of the orgy a real life dog wanders in front of the camera and watches curiously until someone calls to it and it wanders off. It’s actually really cute seeing the dog look curious, puzzled and wondering why they aren’t patting him. It’s spontaneous moments like this that make me laugh and remind us that sex can be funny. During one shoot for exactly the same thing happened. It was pretty funny. When you are focusing on two hot boys playing with each other you don’t tend to notice when a puppy wanders into frame. As soon as we saw it, we got it off the set. A nice unintentional link back to one of...

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The conquering of William, Part 9

Posted on Sep 10, 2012

William had never been to a sauna or sex club before….so I thought it was time for him to experience one. He knew we had a session planned. He didn’t know where. I thought you might like to see his instructions. He was really nervous – but he followed the instructions perfectly and the session was great. ***************** Welcome to your adventure. As instructed you will need a bag with a change of clothes that you don’t mind if you get dirty, fifty dollars, your green jock strap, a spare jock strap, the hood and the blindfold.  And of course your phone. Tonight you will travel to 10 Peel Street Collingwood. The entry is a subtle door way. When you enter go up the stairs to the first level, the entry is through the door to your left. You...

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Ass as big as Texas

Posted on Sep 9, 2012

Tex is a tall, stunning man who just loves to have his hole worked hard. He loves being stretched and while he didn’t quite take a double fist in this session, he came f**king close! 🙂 My favourite moment was when I had two massive dildos in him, plus all ten of my fingers. Definitely a hungry hole. I’m looking forward to another long session with him very soon.                   ...

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Posted on Sep 8, 2012

Up at Noosa, in the State of Queensland, there is a well known nudist beach named Alexandra Bay, known by locals as A-Bay. It is a fair walk from Noosa – around three kilometers. There isn’t any water available there – so you have make sure you take plenty for your hike in and out, and your day in the dunes. It is quite remote. There are no lifeguards. No facilities. The beach is longer than you can imagine, with the waves of the Pacific Ocean crashing onto the sand. With the exception of a few pacific islands, there isn’t anything between A-Bay and the East Coast of the United States, around seven thousand miles away. The southern end is straight and the northern end is gay. You can expect to see a lot of naked men hanging out...

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First Time Bondage

Posted on Sep 8, 2012

I saw this story on a member page on Recon (ropesman). I contacted the author who gave permission for it to be republished on really enjoy hearing about first time experiences….and I thought this one was interesting.  You will note that he had his first experience with a friend – which can be a really safe and sane way to get into it. I wouldn’t EVER recommend inviting someone into your house to tie you up without having very detailed discussions over an extended period of time. I’ll do a post with some safety tips in a future entry, but for the moment, please enjoy the story: My first sub experience I had arranged with a friend to visit late one Friday night. I had been experimenting with self bondage using ropes, it is tricky, but can be...

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Bi Now, Gay Later, Straight Latest

Posted on Sep 7, 2012

Something has been troubling me. There is a really lovely young man who I first fucked when he was 19.  He didn’t have the easiest time coming out as his parents weren’t thrilled about it – and not very supportive. In fact the exact opposite of supportive. Very very not supportive. He came out as being gay quite some time before he went all the way with a guy. Which was obviously a big step. When he finally went all the way that guy happened to be me. Good old fashioned vanilla sex. It was a lot of fun and we both had a great time. OK, so it was vanilla sex that also involved a sling for part of it, but no one got tied up or anything. And if you are going to get fucked for the...

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A New Train of Thought

Posted on Sep 5, 2012

I think it’s time to finally document one of the most erotic things I have ever seen. It doesn’t involve nudity. It doesn’t involve obscenity. It took place in broad daylight. And I’ll remember it forever. It must have been about ten years ago, when I was in my mid 20s. It was a weekend summer day that was on the cusp of being hot, and I was catching the train to visit friends. It was one of the older trains where you could open the windows. All the windows in the train were down and the warmth of the day was being carried into the carriage by the breeze as the train traveled down the line. On these trains, there were places where there were seats in a row against the window and in those seats were three...

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Peg O’My Heart or Lady Macbeth?

Posted on Sep 4, 2012

Pegs can be a lot of fun. You can attach them to pretty much any part of the body – and create a range of sensations. It is worth remembering that not all pegs are created equal – there are different sizes, shapes, materials and tensions.  Try a few different kinds and experiment. Play with care. Here’s a test – put the peg on your bottom lip. If it really hurts, don’t put it on anything sensitive. Wooden pegs tend to grip better and feel better for the submissive. Far more elemental and interesting than plastic. So when you go shopping for pegs don’t be afraid to get a range of them. See what works well. They aren’t expensive and you can afford to shop around. The other thing you can do is to attach string to the pegs...

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The conquering of William, Part 8

Posted on Sep 3, 2012

William’s assignment was pretty simple. I wanted him to write 400 words on the difference between the fantasy and the reality of his first BDSM experience. It will never be exactly what you expect – it will differ in terms of the physicals acts, the emotional headspace, the connection between the master and sub. Here are his thoughts after his first session: The fantasy of BDSM has been with me for many years but it’s never one I’ve actively sought until recently. However, in making the decision to seek out this side of my sexuality there was always a risk, when pursued, the reality would fall short of all I hoped it would be. Several days after my night with Andrew I think I’m able to reflect on how different the reality was. In the ways I needed the...

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Fuck Me, Bitch

Posted on Sep 2, 2012

I was once booked to head up to Noosa for a long weekend holiday. Unfortunately, I had to cancel at the last minute. Rather than let the hotel go to waste I offered it to a friend who lived in Brisbane. He drove up there on Friday night after work. It only takes a couple of hours. On the Saturday, my friend decided to wander into the national park which has a reputation as a bit of a beat. Almost immediately he encountered two guys who were clearly after some ass. Rough boys with skin heads and tatts. Kris wasn’t sure if they were gay or bi boys who liked to fuck guys from time to time. But he didn’t really care. He invited them back to the hotel (the one I had booked and paid for) and proceeded...

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Stretching Biramaye’s Bi Hole

Posted on Sep 1, 2012

There’s something I just love about bi boys who are into having their asses stretched and abused. In this shoot with Biramaye he took some massive toys in the sling. He came incredibly close to being fisted. Maybe next time.  🙂                                                          ...

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