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Aaron – the boyfriend adventure

Posted on Aug 28, 2014

Over my many years as a BDSM master, I’ve come across a couple of boys who I didn’t want to release from my grasp …. and I’ve ended up dating them.  Ironically, when you’re in a relationship with someone, things definitely end up more snuggly than kinky.  Well at least for me – I’m a romantic at heart. Aaron is an amazing guy I dated a dozen years ago.  Unfortunately it didn’t work out. I hope his long term husbear knows how lucky he is.  🙂  When these pics were taken he was 20.  He’s more than 30 now, and just as adorable as ever.  😉 Click here for video of removal of anal probe Click here for video of removal of removal of butt plug    ...

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Joel’s Upcumming Adventure – Training Begins

Posted on Aug 27, 2014

Joel has started his preparation for being gang fucked at Fickstutenmarkt. He’s determined!  🙂  In his own words…. As I foreshadowed in my first entry, Day One of Operation Open Sesame involved a four-way where I would play the lone bottom to three imposingly hung tops. Two of them are a couple, aged in their late 20s to early 30s. They’re lovely guys who I’ve met twice before, once a handful of years ago when I was a complete novice to trawling for cock online, and once just a week before this meet, after which they were inspired to have me over with one of their mates. Kindly, they often refer to our past two sessions as some of the best fun they’ve had, so of course I am happy to continue lending a helping hole. One of these...

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Joel’s Upcumming Adventure

Posted on Aug 25, 2014

I first did a session with Joel when he was 19 – and he’s grown up a bit since then. It’s time to do what every good bottom boy should do once in his life – got to Fickstutenmarkt in Germany and get gang fucked. They grow up so fast. But no good things happen without practice….so I’m looking forward to following his journey. In Joel’s words: Although I often oscillate between the desires to fuck and be fucked, my heart belongs to bottoming. The problem is, I don’t know how good I am at it. My experiences, which are many and varied thanks largely to regular sauna attendance, are sometimes earth-shatteringly good. But too often my arse just doesn’t seem up for the ride. In some situations, a guy might rush to jab his dick into me when...

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Andrew Soxster is in Brisbane…..

Posted on Aug 22, 2014

Anyone Bored? 😉

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Wahmiq is a mummified doggy

Posted on Aug 16, 2014

  Good relaxed session with Wahmiq tonight. He spent an hour mummified into a doggy position…also some electro, fingering, ball stretching and other fun.  🙂 Fun guy. Many thanks to my photographer for the night, the always adorable Grayson. Note the hour glass in the photos – it’s an actual hour glass that lasts an hour. It was near his head so he could hear the sound of sand falling through the glass.  And yes, he lasted an hour....

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Sissyboy in the sling…

Posted on Aug 15, 2014

I really enjoy my sessions with Sissyboy. He has one of the best asses you will ever have the pleasure of fucking. He can take a pounding and loves every second of it.  🙂 Five star ass.  ...

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Jarry gets piston pumped

Posted on Aug 14, 2014

Really great fisting session with Jarry. This kid can really take a fisting. He loves long strokes from the finger tips to the elbow – and his ass just opens up beautifully.  I had two other soxster boys playing photographer and video assistants for this shoot – and I think they were genuinely impressed with what Jarry could take in a “wtf” kind of way.  😉 He can definitely tell his ass from an elbow – even though he often has his ass wrapped around someone’s elbow.  ...

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Charlie’s Adventures

Posted on Aug 12, 2014

In previous posts I’ve talked about Charlie’s weekend with me in Melbourne. Here are a few pics of what happens when a hot eighteen year old decides to fly in for a weekend…. Oh, and because he lied about his age the first session, I decided to remind him that he was 18 by taping it onto his mummified body and taking a picture.   😉 Whoever ends up with this boy is a lucky, lucky...

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Everything is awesome!

Posted on Aug 4, 2014

After our first encounter at the height of summer I knew that I wanted to see Charlie again. The heat had prevented us from doing everything we had wanted to. He had also later confessed that he had lied about his age and was 18 rather than 19 – in the mistaken belief that I would prefer someone slightly older. I was quite enamored with Charlie. A thin baby bear with a beard and a light covering of fuzz. Someone who is intelligent but also worries too much. In other words, pretty similar to me at his age. Only more adorable. I could recount all the amazing moments we had together over the three nights he spent with me, but to break the weekend down like that seems a little clinical – and I’d like to focus on how...

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The 2014 Annual Cock Sucking Awards (the suckees)

Posted on Aug 3, 2014

Early in Charlie’s visit I told him that he was one of the best cock suckers I had ever experienced. He laughed at me – and didn’t believe me. He didn’t think an eighteen year old who had only blown five people would even be in the running for such a prestigious honour. But he is. His technique is awesome. The difference is that he is, above all else, trying to please. Some boys just shove your cock in their mouth and assume because you’re hard and in a hot, wet place then you’re having a great time. So many boys try and cram as much of your cock into their mouths as possible – rather than trying to do what feels good. Charlie listens to your reactions and adjusts his technique. He pays attention to the foreskin, head,...

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Mitch and Riley – One year on

Posted on Aug 2, 2014

It’s been a year since Mitch and Riley met – just a couple of teenagers who one night found themselves making out with each other while I had a fist in each of their asses.  They hadn’t met before that night but have since become very close.  I commissioned this picture of them.  It really captures them extremely well.  The well tanned beach boy and the well hung country boy.  🙂 Amazing young men.  Intelligent, hot, hung, kinky and passionate.  🙂...

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Posted on Aug 1, 2014

A few weeks ago, a Facebook message popped up. “What are you doing on the 19th?” asked one of my regular playmates. “Not sure – why?” I replied. “It’s fetish night at the Laird. I need someone to hold my leash” I grinned. There are worse ways of spending the night than have a mid twenties puppy on the end of a leash. These kinds of nights are essentially grown men regressing to childhood. Rather than dressing up as super heroes, they dress up as gods of leather, rubber and latex. A chance to be creative. Cosplay with cock. It’s like being in a whole room of guys who are regressing to being ten years old, but with massive libidos. It’s very rare that I find an excuse to wear my leather kilt in public.  I decided to match...

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