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Posted on Nov 12, 2014

Does anyone know of any kink friendly silversmiths in Australia? I have a very special project I need help with….

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Peter gets fucked like a rabbit…part 3

Posted on Nov 8, 2014

Here are some pics of eighteen year old Peter during our first session. This was the first time he had gotten laid since he turned 18.  🙂 Make sure you check out the final photos where I had blown my load over his face while his blew his load over his stomach and chest.  🙂  ...

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Peter gets fucked like a rabbit…..part 2

Posted on Nov 7, 2014

And now my side of the story…. Peter and I had talked about catching up before but he had gotten nervous and hadn’t committed to a session. But finally his horniness had overcome his teenage nervousness. He texted me to say he was waiting downstairs. I grabbed my keys and jumped in the lift to collect him. He was perfect. Eighteen, cute as hell, hair on that light brown/blond divide, glasses that made him seem adorkable and a nervous country boy smile.  Before he made it into the lift I was already hoping that this wouldn’t be a one off. We shook hands and exchanged pleasantries in the lift. When we reached my apartment door I made sure that he wanted to do the session, which he enthusiastically reassured me that he did.  I pulled the fur lined black...

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Peter gets fucked like a rabbit…

Posted on Nov 5, 2014

I had an amazing night last week with a fucking adorable 18 year old.  While he was very inexperienced, Peter and I fucked like rabbits and I had an awesome time. He has this incredibly adorable habit of biting his lip in anticipation that drove me absolutely wild. I’ll give you my impression of his session in a later post, and then show you some photos of him in action (his first fuck after he turned 18), but to start with, this is what he thought of the session… I honestly didn’t know what to expect out of my first session with soxster – I do know his name, I just have it as soxster in my head though. I was extremely nervous as it was my first experience with something new and different, so I didn’t know what...

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