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Portugese Tart?

Posted on May 24, 2017

From time to time some beautiful boys get in touch with me to talk about kink. Often they have very limited experience – which is totally fine as I’ve always been very liberal with advice. However, recently I’ve been contacted by more boys who have little or no sexual experience at all. The internet means that many virgins are thinking seriously about getting into kink before they’ve had regular sex. I’m ok with this as long as they understand the distinction between the two. I always like to remind them that the best kinky sex in the world doesn’t compare with the amazing connection you have from simply fucking someone you love. Of course kinky sex can certainly beat the fuck out of vanilla sex with someone you don’t love – so I’m certainly in favour of having both...

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Suck Boy

Posted on May 18, 2017

Story submitted by – let me know what you think. He’s “foryouandyourmates”‘on Recon. We haven’t met so if someone in Melbourne wants to do a session with him and submit a review of the quality of his throat that would be great 🙂 ************** I’m a discrete, kinky sub guy who enjoys pleasing guys. Fit guys and tradies enjoy my velvet throat and sometimes my tight arse and a bloke straight from the gym or football / soccer dressed in their gear has me on my knees drooling to worship him. I have always enjoyed men’s socks and underwear smells. The whiff of a jock that’s been contoured to a blokes cock and balls for a few hours of exercise, with the scent of sweat and precum mixing together drives me mad. Tonguing the skin between a blokey...

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Reflections on Monogamy

Posted on May 13, 2017

IIt’s been a very interesting year for me. Most of my readers know that I’m a very sexual person. Monogamy with a partner was never a desire of mine. I had previously often described my desires as looking for one perfect guy to have three ways with for the rest of my life. A partner in crime, if you will. But over the last twelve months something has definitely changed. I think probably the first sign of this was at the Black Party in NYC.  This party is probably the largest fetish party in New York and I was really looking forward to going. But when I got there, it was more interesting than wonderfully sexual. I’ve had the privilege to be able to go to some of the great kink events in the world, but the Black Party wasn’t one...

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