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How do you solve a problem like a gangbang?

How do you solve a problem like a gangbang?

In the last post I briefly mentioned my plans to create a regular, world class, gangbang party. So let’s get started….

Step One: Find the perfect boy to start with – done! Harry is beautiful, sexually adventurous and a perfect first boy for the party – check out the pics of him below.

Step Two: Leverage existing contacts – done! With the monthly Soxster Party I now have a regular group of guys who I can call on to attend the gangbang. Many of the pure bottoms won’t attend, but I’ll have enough people who will attend to ensure we have decent numbers. Many of them met Harry at the last party and are looking forward to tag teaming him. I guess this is the equivalent of ‘free samples of his ass-ets”.

Step Three: Recruit more – happening now! With a core group of regulars its actually easier to attract more people as you can reassure people they aren’t walking into an empty room. I’ve been tweeting about Harry and the party – and interest has been good.

Step Four: Confirm!  🙂

Hi everyone,

Thanks for agreeing to participate in the gangbang of the adorable 20yo pup on Tuesday 14 January. This message gives you a few more details. Puppy will be blindfolded and hooded in the sling from around 6:20pm. We ask everyone to arrive between 6:30pm and 7:00pm. BYO a towel if you want to shower afterwards. If you could bring some drinks that would be great. Obviously we can’t all use his holes at once so expect to spend some time standing around drinking and chatting – it’s quite social, and lots of fun to see such a cute boy being worked over. There will be a camera over the sling showing his torso and cock ploughing his hole. We won’t be filming faces but you can borrow a hood to wear if you want. If you don’t want to be filmed let us know. After the session we will put the video on xtube. At the party the tops are welcome to blow each other if they want but the only person to get fucked will be the pup. The party is at <address> in the Melbourne CBD. You’ll receive the exact apartment number on the day when you message me. If you have any questions let me know.



Step Five – Let’s see what happens. I’m not sure how many tops we will get,but I do know that last load in ass of the evening will belong to his Master.  🙂