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Cade Gets Kinky

Cade Gets Kinky
Some time ago I was browsing Recon and came across Cade who was 18 and pretty adorable. And then I refused to meet him. Why? Because while he was 18, he was also in his final year of high school. It’s kinda nice having a cute boy begging to meet you but I demurred (repeatedly) until he finished his exams – and then promptly scheduled a catch up with him and Zeke. And I’ll let Cade tell it in his own words…..
I’ve been interested in kink for a long time. I would spend a long time browsing through the internet then I met Andrew on Recon. Initially, I was a bit nervous talking to him but he made me feel really comfortable talking about some stuff I found interesting at the time. Over the space of months, we chatted on Recon and kik and helped me learn a little more about kink and has helped shape a lot of what I know. He took me under his wing and was super kind and considerate of me.
I was finishing my last year of school (and don’t worry I was 18 when we began chatting). Anyway, after we chatted for a long period of time he introduced me to Soxster and just like that I couldn’t wait to meet up with him. For our first meet up it was really casual he also had invited another kinkster, Zeke. When I first got to Andrew’s apartment we just sat and chatted for about 2 hours and it was just so easy chatting to him talking about kinky stuff was initially very difficult because of the negative connotations society places on sex especially kinky gay sex. But he made me feel so comfortable and open talking about it. We just chatted and he showed me some of his toy collection which was so interesting because a lot of the toys were stuff that you can’t get in regular sex stores but more kinky stuff like dildos the size of whole arms, etc, made of all sorts of material. Personally, I am a very shy person and can lack self-confidence but Andrew made me feel so comfortable with myself and my sexual kinks. Pretty soon Zeke arrived, initially, I panicked because I am an extremely awkward person,  and I didn’t want to give them the wrong impression of me.
But pretty soon I and Zeke got acquainted with each other and started making out which was sooooo fun and we just sat and chatted for a little bit. While Andrew was getting ready to go. They had planned to take me on the full kink experience, the Laird Melbourne and then Club 80. But I couldn’t wait and ended up on my knees playing with and sucking Zeke’s cock and then I was done for all I could think about was having it inside me but I didn’t want to come off as too keen haha. So we went to the Laird and surprisingly it was pretty quiet but it was a really good cause there wasn’t so much pressure. It felt so liberating walking the streets chatting and being flirty with each other. I didn’t bring a jacket so I was kinda cold and Zeke was kind enough to give me his jacket and all it was so nice of him. After the laird, we went to Club 80 and that’s where the fun began. It was interesting walking around and seeing the venue but I had other things on my mind.  I was so keen to get in and just start but I wanted to be respectful of the process. Once we got in one of the private rooms at Club 80 the fun began. We began undressing and we just ended up making out and I was sucking Zeke’s long cock while Andrew was getting things ready.
Soon I was hanging from the ceiling blindfolded and getting dick in my mouth. Honestly, that was sooo hot, the feeling is really hard to describe I imagine it’s different for everyone. But the feeling of just giving up control and just being used while I would typically be freaking out but I felt totally calm because of both Andrew and Zeke making me feel so comfortable. I trusted them, I was so calm with them. Even though they took it easy with me that night I kinda wanted to do more but I just accepted I couldn’t do hours and hours worth of kinky fun in one night – haha. So I kinda just let them take the lead. I ended up in the sling which was the most comfortable thing I’ve ever been fucked in and I was so relaxed I was able to take Zeke’s absolutely massive cock without much prep work, cause all I wanted was him inside me. He fucked my hole and he was hitting all the right spots and I had never been fucked that good in my life.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t take the entire length of his cock which made me kinda sad but with practice, I hope to take him in his entirety one day. Andrew was filming the whole thing and all I saw when I looked around was his absolutely massive cock and all I wanted was for it to be in me but I didn’t think Zeke was giving my hole up anytime soon. His big daddy dick was absolutely amazing dripping with pre-cum. I was in love with it. I could play with both of their dicks all day long and that’s no joke. Soon Andrew was in the sling and let me have a go fisting him which was such an amazing experience even though I was super jealous it wasn’t me in that sling.
I got back into the sling and Zeke fucked me hard. I had never cum so hard in my life the orgasm lasted ages. It was the best I’ve ever had. I was kinda sad to have to go though I wanted to stay longer and do more as Andrew had a whole backpack full of fun stuff that we never had a chance to play with but it was like 3 am I guess time flies when you’re having fun. Andrew and Zeke made me feel so comfortable with myself as I can have a few self-confidence issues but they really helped. 
Cade is now a regular at the monthly parties and has been really enjoying himself. I think what is most interesting about Cade is that he had been having sex for a number of years – but hadn’t really focused on having fun with it. It’s been such a pleasure seeing him with Zeke and other guys at the monthly party and learning to relax and just have fun and be joyous – while doing some really cool things. Pic above is Zeke’s cock buried in Cade’s ass at the monthly Soxster party.