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A few more reviews of gangbanging Harry

A few more reviews of gangbanging Harry

A few more reviews from the gangbang of Harry  🙂

Hi Andrew,

Firstly, thanks for hosting a wonderful gangbang on Tuesday. I rocked up and I was nervous as I didn’t know how many people were attending, and what the atmosphere was going to be like, and it took me a little while to warm up, but once everything was going, it was an awesome evening. I had to bail fairly early-ish because I had work in the morning, otherwise would have loved to have stayed on much longer. My biggest issue was I was basically on a hair-trigger most of the time I was there and was saving myself from cumming too quickly as I didn’t know if I’d be able to get hard again after cumming (turns out that after fucking the pup and being the first to cum all over his ass, and then fuck my cum back into him again after he was placed on the bed, and then driving home, I was rock hard trying to go to sleep and had to rub another one out anyway!).

It was a great evening and you were a wonderful host. I was a little nervous and wasn’t sure what the protocol was for going down on others and sucking on their cocks, and I suspect that may be why only the pup sucked me off, but I had fun none the less. I’m used to going to a sauna and basically only being sucked off if I was in a darkened booth with a Gloryhole cause most of the guys only want to play with the twink.

If I had the chance again, I’d love to try and catch a willing bottom on a Saturday where I could potentially fuck, cum and do my best to get hard again to fuck and dump a second load into a nice bottom. Also didn’t really know what the protocol around the poppers was either. I noticed a number of bottles around, and would have liked to have huffed some, but thought it would have been rude if I just reached for a bottle and helped myself given I didn’t know whos it was.

Any footage that you could share with me of my unloading would be great as I wouldn’t mind having a copy for myself.

Thanks again for a brilliant and welcoming evening. Hope to be able to participate in a future one!


Thank you so much once again Andrew – was great to join in on Tuesday, get to meet you and a few of the others well and of course help the amazing Harry live out a fantasy. 

This might be a rambling mess – I’ll try to make it coherent. Feel free to ask for clarification or whatever after reading through it. (It became a bit Novel-like at times, feel free to chop out bits and turn it into a review if needed). I’ll summaries at the end for feedback and highlights. 

Quick backstory – I’m not shy as such, but would definitely consider myself a fairly introverted guy, which most people don’t seem to pick up on. I’d seen your posts recently retweeted by a mutual, and it definitely looked like fun but I couldn’t imagine myself ever actually doing that kind of thing. Not long after I end up talking to Harry on Recon, then text, and not long after he asks if I’d be keen to join the session. Now it’s a serious consideration, but equally my anxieties increase at a level to match my enthusiasm. A couple of days later I’m chilling with <name redacted> and I mention it, he’s dubious until he works out it’s one of your events and then gives me a gentle (firm) nudge to jump in. His trust in you made it possible. It took me a few more days to actually message you and check on how it all works, and as simple as that you asked me to come along. Even typing this now brings up those same feelings of anxiety. 

Fast forward to the event day, I prepare myself and make sure I won’t be late. I end up early and hang down the street for a bit, equally nervous, anxious and excited. I haven’t ever felt such a physical reaction to something that hasn’t even happened yet. I was literally seeing coloured spots in my vision – like WTF. All the doubts were right there – Will I fit in? Is my body ok? Will I be able to perform? Somehow I pushed through and came on in, past a few guys clearly waiting / messaging for access (and possibly as nervous as me). All the way in, up to the point where I sat down, I was thinking I’ll last a few minutes and then ask politely to leave. I’m so glad I worked through all of that, hopefully without a look of total panic on my face (I’m good at hiding it though I think). 

As much as I consider myself quite kinky these days, I wouldn’t consider myself a confident top, and can be very body conscious. I’ve been to saunas with friends a few times and to events with play spaces, and yet have never played in those environments. I was comfortable being there but it didn’t match with my sexual desires in the way I had expected. That could be for any number of possible reasons, mood, who I was with, and why I was really there.  I’ve recently been called a service top, which fits me only too well. I’m in it for the bottom, not for myself. I’m there for connection and the joy of bringing pleasure to whoever I’m playing with. Sometimes that means none of my clothes come off, and that’s fine.

Now the event is actually happening around me – you walk in and hit us with “Shirts Off” – a solid move. I see the diversity in the group and it helps relieve some tension. My drink brings me less comfort than I’d hoped for, but conversation is starting as well between what turned out to be quite a few of us first timers. We can hear that things are warming up in the next room, and I head in to see how it’s playing out. My emotions slowly tilt in the favour of excitement, and the nervousness slips away, very slowly. I see the opportunity to help out another first timer and blow him for a while. Now my sub side starts to come up, but it’s helping us both and I’m more than happy helping your very cute fluffer keep everyone ready. At some point my pants disappear, so I got comfortable enough to jump that hurdle, and then I see Harry with both hands free and I take a front row position. Now it’s real. Being there, Harry’s hand on my cock while he’s being fucked, at the same time playing with his hair and more than a few times either talking openly to him or whispering encouragement and praise into his ear. I’m feeling like I might just be ok here. You invite me to take the prime position, I decline for now, but not for long. 

From this point my memories are much more how I felt than what I was thinking at the time, my brain high on the situation I was immersed in. I recall shuffling awkwardly into position around chains and the tight group of naked bodies. Being able to see Harry’s reactions as I entered his hole and worked him up and down was bliss. I hadn’t imagined I’d actually get to this point, for a list of reasons longer than I dare contemplate. I take my time then relinquish pole position (pun very much intended). I hung around for a good while longer, often in the front row getting some of Harry’s attention (or mouth). Then it’s time to chill and recover emotionally, and chat with the guys not waiting in line. 

Another drink later and I see my bag, and realise it’s time for pup to make an appearance. The moment my pup hood goes on my headspace alters, more than enough anxiety remains but pup powers through and heads right back to the sling room. Not long later I’m back inside the amazing Harry, still taking cocks with enthusiasm and begging for loads by this time. I’m asked for consent to film full body and hood – I give it with enthusiasm that surprised even me. I love my second round and then pass to the waiting group. Harry gets some more time with my cock above his waist before I head back to the lounge to chill once again. Pup finds another cock to please in the lounge – seems pup headspace isn’t so different to my regular one after all 😉

I spend more time in the sling room watching Harry getting double fucked a couple of times and unloaded in even more times, and then he calls it, and we wind down and clean up. Chilling with Harry and his bf after was an absolute highlight, especially seeing his absolutely beaming smile. He was on a high way higher than mine, but understandably so. 

Summary & Feedback

I’m beyond happy that I was invited and actually made it – a huge step personally for me. Thank you for the opportunity. 

Definitely helped with my confidence – and loved getting to know you and a few of the others there at the end. 

Being able to connect with Harry during the session absolutely made it work for me and also glad I got to meet him online beforehand too. Some guys were there to just fuck (and that’s ok if that works for them)

Loved how you ran the event and your gentle production style (from what I saw) 

Coming in and doing the “Shirts off” was a big help

A possible suggestion for newbies – Of course not all newbies will feel they need this – but ideas from my experience and perspective

– have a bit of a write up for them on what to expect / a few ground rules / mostly aimed at easing nerves

– Pair them up with someone that’s been before, at least initially on arrival (to a willing member of the citadel)

– Might not be practical but invite newbies to arrive a bit earlier (rocking up into a busy room of naked guys isn’t easy). 

Ok – enough thoughts for now – I think that covers it fairly well. 

Look forward to seeing the videos as they go up – and hope to catch you again soon too. 



I arrived without expectations, but full of nervous horny energy and clothes that would be easy to come off….. 

The attendees were already enjoying themselves by the time I arrived, and it took a short while of psyching up to strip down. But before long I was balls deep in a beautiful juicy hole owned by a gorgeous and horny hooded pup. 

He absolutely impressed as the line of endowed tops filled his ass over and over, much to the pups ecstasy. There was a truly variegated mix of engaged tops that were a delight to not only fuck but hang out with.

Then things escalated, as our welcoming host suggested if the pup was keen, to turn up the heat and try some DP. A complete beginner this, our host adjusted and counseled the horned up men into position and the energy in the room exploded. I had covered the bottom in sweat and came for the second time in the pup and over the other top that was squeezed into the delicious hole. It took a good five minutes to float back to Earth from cloud nine as I was supported by the tops and the pup buckled up for more. 

The evening ended as the pups master embraced and added his load to the now gaping pup – a beautiful and intimate end to a night of pure sex. 

I had to hit the road soon after but enjoyed the debrief and come down over some high quality poppers and planned for future events to come.

Thanks to Soxster for an awesome event.

I’ll be back for more


I rocked up to my very first gang bang excited but a little unsure as to how the night would pan out. Andrew (our host) was very welcoming upon arrival and there were about 10 guys already there just having a beer and chatting in the living room. Very soon though the clothes started to peel off as guys got more comfortable. One guy was already fucking the puppy. A sling was set up in the bedroom and the adorable pup was taking his first cock. I must say I felt very comfortable and very quickly became quite horny. There was super cute twink sitting next to me and I made out with him and played with his cock. Guys were slowly starting to suck each other off over a beer as confidence grew and the sounds of the puppy being fucked emanated from the bedroom. The twink sucked me good and I was soon hard so Andrew told me it was time to fuck the puppy and so I did. He had a lovely tight hole and I pounded him good, he was begging for more. After the pounding I continued to make out with other guys which was really hot. I was sucked off by several guys including the chief fluffer (great idea having a fluffer!) who was very good and kept me very hard. Then the cute twink was there and we kissed again long and deep. I then gave him a good rimming of his hot sexy hole before kissing him again. All in all I fucked the puppy three times. I made out with him and had him suck my cock several times, he was a good boy. He came out to the living room at one stage (blindfolded) for a short break and he simply sucked whatever cock was put in his mouth and French kissed a few of us, it was hot. I really loved the super friendly atmosphere at the party, the way guys looked out for each other and the willingness to take part and enjoy each other’s company. There was also someone DJing so we had cool background music playing the whole time. Overall it was heaps of fun and the event very well run by our host Andrew. I’ll be back for future parties for sure.