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About Soxster is a blog dedicated to BDSM. It has been created to educate and entertain.  It is the first stage of developing a website that will include photos and videos. was created to show people that BDSM doesn’t have to come with attitude. It can be fun, playful, adventurous, respectful and life affirming. features Australian guys and their friends from around the world.

You might find it easier to read the posts in the order in which they were posted.

All photos on are of guys aged over 18.

All feedback and submissions welcomed.  🙂


Exposition 2

Posted by on Mar 20, 2019 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Exposition 2

I must say I’m impressed. This furry guy has been taking care of himself and lost some weight and is looking pretty good. He’s terrible at smiling though....

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Scottish Hottie

Posted by on Aug 6, 2018 in Zach Bottomtwinkboi | Comments Off on Scottish Hottie

Scottish Hottie

I’m really enjoying Reddit at the moment – so many guys willing to show off. One boy who caught my eye was Zach (Bottomtwinkboi) from Scotland who has been posting some great pics. If you like twinks with a naughty gleam in their eye, then you should definitely check out Zach – and if you live or are visiting Scotland, please fuck him senseless and send me the photos and videos! 😛  I asked Zach about a memorable sexual experience – and this is what he swears is a true account. I turned up to the location the guy I had been talking to on Grindr had given me to meet, it was around 10 at night and it was pitch black and chilly in Edinburgh but he said to dress cute so there I was in skinny jeans and t-shirt under a jacket. He also said to wear a buttplug and chastity cage which had been the focus of much of our sexting. He turned up sometime later with his Ford and as I got in he gave me a kiss and looked at me with excitement in his eyes. He was 27 at the time and I was barely 18. He was just shorter than me at 6’0, had blonde boyish hair and an amazing Scottish accent and cock I’d sucked on many occasions. He told me to prepare myself because the only other bottom had pulled out and ghosted him so I was the only fuck that was coming. I was horrified and nervous and horny at the same time, I was wondering if I should ask to leave or try to slip away when we arrived but we were already over half way there and my horniness and the feeling of having a buttplug inside me and my tiny cock aching in my cage propelled me forwards. I asked him how many were there and he said 4 excluding him.. I was shit scared. We arrived at his flat building and I could hear the music from just outside his door as we walked up, I almost hid behind him as we arrived and was seriously debating running away. Immediately I was drawn to the sight of the four tops in his flat. 2 studs around my Grindr hookups age and with hair muscly bodies, a twink probably no older than me but with a bigger build and lastly a much older guy (must’ve been mid thirties) with a Dad bod and hairy chest. The Dad-guy was sitting on the sofa completely naked slowly playing with his dick as the twink and one of the jocks were kissing and jerking each other off. The other jock was watching fully clothed. My Grindr hookup introduced me and immediately all attention was on me, I felt like a piece of meat and I absolutely loved it. After my Grindr hookup striped me naked in front of the 4 watching horny guys they all said variations of “fuck”and “sexy little slut” as they saw my chastity and gaping hole from my buttplug.. it all escalated from there as the Dad-guy and my Grindr hookup picked me up and carried me to the bedroom with the jocks and the twink trailing behind. I was placed onto the bed onto...

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M4M on Craig’s List

Posted by on Jul 3, 2017 in Humour | Comments Off on M4M on Craig’s List

A boy I’ve known for some time had a data science assignment for uni – and decided to write a script to scrape all the m4m postings, and collate their contents in a word-cloud visualization. It received a HD (High Distinction) and weird looks from his assessor. I love it....

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Sissyboy takes a fist…

Posted by on Jun 29, 2017 in Anal Play, Fisting, Sissyboy, Sling | Comments Off on Sissyboy takes a fist…

I really think that this video on Xtube of me fisting Sissyboy deserves more love…he’s come a long way since he first took a fist with me.  

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Return of Tel

Posted by on Jun 28, 2017 in Anal Play, Blindfold & Hoods, Restraints, Sling, Tel | Comments Off on Return of Tel

They grow up so fast! I first filmed Tel when he was 19. He’s not a twink anymore, but he’s grown into a very interesting young man.  🙂 He hadn’t had his hole worked in a while….so he came over for a session (ok, so he begged me for a session for several weeks). It’s really nice to catch up with boys and see how their kinks have progressed. Tel is very much into chastity these days, but we were able to get him out of his cage for long enough for this...

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Is IKEA for masochists?

Posted by on Jun 27, 2017 in Humour | Comments Off on Is IKEA for masochists?


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Ru’s First Time

Posted by on Jun 26, 2017 in Anal Play, Blindfold & Hoods, Ku, Oral, Sling | Comments Off on Ru’s First Time

Ru is 23 and had  never been with a guy before.  He found and then tracked me down through Recon. He’s a sweet guy who wanted his first experience to have certain BDSM elements – I was happy to oblige.  I’m very proud I was able to give him an amazing first time.  In this own words: First times in people’s lives are always special moments. Ones that stay in someone’s memories for the rest of their lives. Even though we know deep in our souls that doing something for the first time is something we truly want, there is always an element of fear and paranoia that comes with diving off the diving board for the first time. That was me. At the age of 23, I had never seen another person’s naked body, let alone get sensual and intimate with them. At the start of the year on a trip overseas I realised that I needed to make a jump, so I installed Grindr and tried my best to build up the courage to meet another man. 6 months down the track, I had been active online trying to find a person to have my first time with, but nobody seemed to be the right person. Being 23, there was an expectation for me to know what and how to do sex, but I didn’t. So I kept looking around and I eventually stumbled upon The content and knowledge on the site was amazing and from that point on I knew I wanted to meet Andrew. From his posts I knew that he was in New York, I also found out about Recon on this website and quickly installed it in the hopes of finding a Dom that would teach and show me the way. A week into using the app I find a familiar user and started up the chat. What happens next is still a blur, but I’ll try to do my best. It’s the least I could do for Sir Andrew. Walking up the street to his apartment, my mind was racing at a million miles per hour. My brain was telling me to run the other way. What if it was a trap, what if I wasn’t good enough, what if someone finds out. Even though all of this was running through my head my feet still kept walking and before I knew it, I was at the front door to the apartment complex. Sir knew that I was approaching and dropped his keys down to me so I could go up to him. The keys were attached to a pair of underwear and I covered my face with them and breathed them in, my first time with another man’s underwear. It was clear from that moment that I was there to serve him, I was his toy and it was privilege to be serving him tonight. As I approach the door I know that it will be my last opportunity to chicken out. I could leave now and pretend nothing ever happened. Or the first times could keep on rolling. I stood gazing at the door for 5 second. I close my eyes. Knock. Knock. Knock. The door opens. Sir turns me around and puts the blindfold on me. For the...

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Prongs – Part 1: The Boy Who Kinked

Posted by on Jun 24, 2017 in Prongs, Straight Boys | Comments Off on Prongs – Part 1: The Boy Who Kinked

I’m delighted to welcome Prongs to Soxster as a new guest columnist. In this first article he describes himself, but let me reassure you that he’s definitely tall, dark, handsome…and straight. We’ve been discussing kink and I know you’re going to love hearing about his insights, exploits and discoveries: Hi it’s me. A straight, 29 year old never-quite-was-a-twink. Maybe I’m not who you’re expecting to see on this blog… But I’m embarking on a bit of an adventure into kink and BDSM, and the fine folks at Soxster have asked me write about my journey. I’m someone with next to no knowledge, but I’m GGG as Dan Savage would say, and with the guidance of a certain wonderful Soxster regular, I’m looking at putting together a series of blog posts that add up to a series of how-to articles charting my somewhat intimidated, but extremely excited journey into the world of kink. The most regular contributors to this blog are well versed, but you’re talking to someone who’s going to guide you from go-to-whoa. Or should that be go-to-oh-Oh-OH! (It shouldn’t. I’ll stop the sex puns). Until recently, the closest I’d been to BDSM was accidentally giving someone a hickey and then painfully dragging a credit card over the burst vessels in their neck to clear the bruising before they went to their customer facing job. (Hot tip, this actually works! It’ll make your neck red AF for about 15 minutes, but it rids you of the bruising to the point that a touch of concealer is all you need to no longer look like a horny teenager attacked you. Or a horny 29 year old. Whatever.) Ok… So maybe I’ve done a little more than that. I’ve played some kink with past partners. I mean, who hasn’t engaged in a little light choking, some spanking and a bit of buttplay? Other than the Puritans, Minerva McGonagall (Although McGonagall can LITERALLY turn into a cat, so you’d want to think she puts that to good use. Plus she’s stern AF. Surely she’d want to sub to escape) and obviously my parents, who only had sex 3 times and even then only ever for procreation. (Sidebar: I do actually hope my parents have a fantastic sex life. That I never have to witness.) So I’ve played a bit, but I’ve just never FULLY engaged. But who am I? For context, I identify as male and straight, and I’m polyamorous. Poly lifestyle is relatively new to me (yes, yes, I have “the ethical slut” and yes, you were right, it’s actually fucking life changing) and it’s been incredible. Even though I’ve only begun practicing poly actively in the past year, I feel like it’s always been true for me. I remember being in my first serious relationship at 17, falling in love with someone else, but being no less in love with my first partner… and confused when this seemed to be a problem. Poly life suits me… Maybe because I’m a performer by trade. I’m needy! I hear that Roxy Hart line in my head sometimes when I think about my wonderful partners “I’m loving them and they’re loving me and I’m loving them loving me – and all because none of us got enough love in our childhood”. Which is mostly...

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Slavepup – Welcome to Melbourne

Posted by on Jun 23, 2017 in Anal Play, Blindfold & Hoods, CBT, Slavepup, Sling | 1 comment

Melbourne is a wonderful, kinky city. I’ve lived in several Australian cities, London, Toronto, New York and regularly travelled around the world. In terms of kink Melbourne is definitely ahead of New York, Chicago and Toronto. Not as kinky as Berlin, but they teach fisting in school over there, so it’s probably not a fair comparison.  😛 22 year old Slavepup just moved to Melbourne and I decided to make him welcome. I invited Grayson along to join the fun – when he first appeared on Soxster he was a teenage twink –  but he’s definitely developed his Dom side and is actually probably more vicious with impact play than I am. Don’t let him near your ass without adult supervision unless you’re prepared to have a sore ass for a week. I’ll post some photos from this session soon. During the session I was updating a Kik group chat with some young Melbourne boys who are into ass play. They were updated with photos and details of what was happening. Enjoy Slavepup’s experience.  Hey there, I am Slavepup! This outlines the event that occurred in my welcoming and initiation as a true Melbournian Slave. The people involved in this event are Master Soxster and Master Grayson. Two amazing guys for whom I had the pleasure to serve, be abused, and be used by and whom I look forward to receiving further training from as I continue to grow in Melbourne as a person and slave. Leading up to the events I had been talking to Master Soxster for a few days. He was very warm in welcoming me to Melbourne, inviting me to communicate with other like-minded individuals. It didn’t take long for our bond to grow and for me to quickly realise I would be serving as his slave in no time. A few days past and it was decided that I would be serving Master Soxster in the evening after he had finished work. During my journey to Masters he had been sending pictures of his very attractive friend ‘Master Grayson’ I arrived at his house a little after 7pm for which I received the following instructions; 1. Enter the building and buzz yourself in. 2. Knock on the door with your back to the door 3. Keep your eyes closed Little did I know that was the last time I’d be seeing anything the remainder of the night. My heart was racing, within seconds I was dragged into a stranger’s home. A new city, no one knew where I was. The only way I was escaping is if I were to please this new Master of mine. He asked me how I was, I replied well thanks as my brain was frazzled. I was then shoved against the door and told to strip. Within moments I was naked in front of this stranger I had never met. To my embarrassment I had an instant erection. It wasn’t long before my first humiliation was to occur. Master wasn’t impressed with my underwear choice, my first mistake I was sure to pay for. We felt each other up for some time where he dressed me appropriately for service. A leather hood was secured to me for which my mouth was still free for use. A ball stretcher was added to stretch my balls. Finally a harness...

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Kym wants to be a bitch boy

Posted by on Jun 17, 2017 in Kym | 1 comment

A new Soxster boy wants to be used – and this one wants to be a little bitch boy. Check out these photos he sent me – probably time to get him into my sling and see what his ass can take in terms of toys. He’s also expressed a desire for me to glaze his face with my...

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