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Ask Andrew

I’m Andrew Soxster – welcome to

lego andrew

I’m an Australian and have been into BDSM and exploring other aspects of sexuality for more than fifteen years. I started because I’ve always enjoyed taking photos of my various exploits and I love exploring human sexuality.

When doing BDSM I tend to play with guys younger than myself who are beginners or who have limited experience. I love to teach and educate people about the various things that are possible.

I’m not into 24/7 sessions. I believe that BDSM is a short term escape from every day life. It is an opportunity to try new things – not only new physical acts but also new ways to connect emotionally with other people.

I love travel and you can expect to find me regularly in Australia, Europe, Asia and North America.

I’ve always been very liberal with advice, please email me any questions or observation to and I will endeavor to post up an answer.