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Noé and the new flogger

Posted on Jun 10, 2016

Noé tried out the new flogger that I purchased at IML. It’s made of firehose, dyed blue, with a pipe handle. As you might have seen...

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Testing a new toy…

Posted on Sep 22, 2015

I went to the Fetish Expo at Fitzroy Town Hall last weekend. I didn’t stay for too long as it was very crowded – which is...

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Private Lessons

Posted on May 22, 2014

A boy I’ve played with on a number of occasions, who is essentially straight with a long term female partner, has been having some...

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Three subs in a room bitching……Part 2

Posted on May 19, 2014

I will post the pics from this session soon, but first here is Wahmiq’s perspective.  🙂 so once again i got to see soxster the other...

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Medical Play

Posted on Dec 22, 2013

I did a great session with Electro last week. He was keen to try some medical role play. It involve a mouth spreader, external catheter,...

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Sounds of Canada

Posted on Dec 11, 2013

Michael the Canadian boy popped in for a session. We’ve both been frustrated that our schedules haven’t matched up recently...

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Sounding Oliver – Part 2

Posted on Dec 7, 2013

Some pics from Oliver’s sounding session.   🙂 The stocks have proved to be a great investment – really effective....

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Charlie’s First Kink Adventure

Posted on Dec 3, 2013

Well I think we have a new Soxster boy.  His name is Charlie and he’s 19 and cute as hell. Unfortunately he doesn’t live in...

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Taking Biramaye down a peg or two (hundred)

Posted on Oct 28, 2013

It’s been a while since I posted any pics – so I thought I’d share these from late last year. These pics were just...

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Ryan Z’s Shocking Adventure – Part 1

Posted on May 7, 2013

I filmed a good session this week. I left it to the boys to work out what they wanted to do – or rather I left it to the boy who was...

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Oh Canada – Part 6

Posted on Apr 29, 2013

Pics from his second session – featuring some electro, sounding, lots of fucking, amyl and me slapping him around when he dared to...

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Oh Canada – Part 2

Posted on Apr 13, 2013

Some more pics from the recent session with the Canadian boy.  If you are interested in helping me work him over, please let me know. He...

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Suspended Fist – Part 1

Posted on Mar 27, 2013

I had a fun session last weekend at Club 80 in a private room. It involved Sissyboy and an English sub who I play with from time to time. ...

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Sissyboy gets Fisted – Part 2

Posted on Jan 22, 2013

The photos of Sissyboy with the fluro cable ties on his cock are pretty hot.  It’s probably worth reminding people that cable ties...

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Sissyboy gets Fisted – Part 1

Posted on Jan 21, 2013

Wow – what a night….Sissyboy finally took my fist. It was a really special moment. I knew a couple of minutes before it...

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Four-way Fun – Part 4

Posted on Jan 12, 2013

The third boy into the sling during the four-way was Biramaye. He had a good ass stretching and a pretty decent fucking.  🙂

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Biramaye’s Back

Posted on Dec 26, 2012

The joys of having a live in submissive for four days. We got up to a lot, but here are some preview photos from one of our many sessions...

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One for the fans…

Posted on Oct 1, 2012

I got the following email from a fan of soxster who was interested in a particular shoot… ************ Hi – how are you? Just...

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Drop Sheets and Shower Curtains

Posted on Aug 14, 2012

Two really useful things to have on hand are drop sheets, that are often used for painting or home renovations, and shower curtains. Both...

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Hot Cock

Posted on Jun 26, 2012

Last night I had an awesome session with Sissyboy. He is definitely one of my favourite boys.  He is well trained and knows that when he...

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Steel and Wax

Posted on Jun 15, 2012

This shoot was really simple. I tied up Kristian and then lit candles to drip hot was over his cock and his balls which were being held...

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Is there anything good on TV?

Posted on May 30, 2012

Sissyboy’s favourite TV program is watching his ass getting spanked live on CCTV.  Having the wax that was dripped on slowly whipped...

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When BDSM goes wrong…

Posted on Apr 26, 2012

I had an interesting session a few months ago that proves that things can go wrong – even with an experienced master such as myself....

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Greg’s TT and CBT

Posted on Dec 12, 2010

Anyone for nipple play? Greg is back for some nipple play and some CBT. The session involved nipple clips, a pinwheel, a parachute ball...

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