These are two very special boys. I was surfing x-tube and found a number of videos that they’d posted online filmed using their mobile phones. The videos had a tenderness that was adorable – and they certainly were extremely hot. I offered to fly them down and we filmed two of the hottest scenes that Soxster has ever done. In between the time we booked them to fly down and when they did their scenes their x-tube videos steadily climbed in popularity to the point that they got into the top five videos in the world! Levi and Declan show what happens when a power top and power bottom get together – you’ll be exhausted just watching it. In their interview they talk about what happened when they put their videos on x-tube – the comments that they got and what happened next!

In their first scene they have an erotic shower, followed by a brief tutorial on the other uses for chuppa chupps. Its sweet, cute and very hot.

In their second scene, Declan has his first experience in leather and a sling. The boys play around in leather gear while Levi takes charge. My favourite moment is where Declan decides he wants to get out of the leather wrist cuffs and tries to undo them while getting fucked – intense concentration is required for Declan to ignore Levi’s cock in his ass for long enough to get them off! 🙂

Oh and we also have copies of their x-tube videos. You see they never expected it to get as large as it did – and thought that using their real names on x-tube might be a bit foolish, so they took down the profile. They put a few of their vids back up – but we have them all here! 🙂

Oh and a quick post script – Levi and Declan were good friends and fuck buddies and were considering something a bit more permanent. They’re now together – I hope they don’t exhaust each other.