Many Soxster boys love playing with wax – none more so than Kristian. In many ways, wax play is perfect for the web – as you can savor it and watch each drip of wax, or you can watch it in fast forward and condense a long session into a few minutes. I think most people will enjoy watching Kristian’s balls and cock getting covered in this video. The trick with wax is to always use white candle (the coolest) and drip them from at least a metre in the air. This gives the wax a little time to cool as it falls and the speed of the impact spreads the wax over a larger area (which means it is less likely to burn). Candle wax can be a lot of fun – start dripping it as high as you can with beginners so they can get used to it. It is one of those sensation games that works much better with a blindfold. When you have a boy bound and helpless and they hear a matching being struck and a candle lit then the anticipation of not knowing where or when the first trip will land can be amazing.