There are a number of boys who are really turned on the idea of being in a shoot but for one reason or another can’t show their face. For those boys, and for your viewing pleasure, we have a solution that should keep everyone happy. Over the next few months we’ll be filming a number of Soxster Toy Time sessions. In these, we find a cute boy and strap him into the sling, attach a microphone to his collar to record his moans, and work his ass over with lots and lots of toys. The camera focuses just on the boy’s butt – so you can see what reaction he has to each toy. Some boys are experienced at toy play and want larger and larger toys. Others don’t have any experience and even small items get a big reaction. We don’t show the model’s faces in these shoots, but if you like moaning then you’ll like Soxster Toy Time. If you’ve always wanted to do a shoot, but don’t want to show your face, then sign up to be a Soxster Toy Time model. If the concept works then we’ll move onto other body parts……anyone for some CBT or nipple play?