So here’s a wacky idea….Soxster Games. Kind of like the Olympics, it has a of number events that require skill, physical strength and endurance. Rather than model fees, they compete to win – with winner take all.

So the question is what kind of sports could you have? Ideas welcomed – here’s some to get you started:

Dildo Identification Decathlon: We tie a boy into a sling, blindfold him, and push ten dildos up his butt. Afterwards we ask him to put them in order of insertion. If he gets all ten in the right order – he wins! Can be played individually, or against other boys.

Double Ended Dildo Push-of-War: Two boys, ass to ass, the one who can take most of the dildo first wins!

Gang Wars: One btm boy vs the gang – if they can fuck him into submission in the allocated time, they win. If he can stand it – he wins! For added interest the boy can’t see the clock – so he doesn’t know how long he has to go to win.

If you can think of any more – let us know and we’ll try and include them in the Soxster Games.

(ok, so this is a bit of a long shot, but hot concept, right?)