Take a bow readers – I’ve been getting some really kinky ideas for Soxster Games. Two of my favorites were submitted by an adorable boy whose only flaw is that he has a monogamous boyfriend. While he can’t play around anymore, this seems to have focused his creativity on how other boys can be used and abused.

His first idea was to have two boys, blindfolded, in bondage. They both have to try and escape from bondage and feel around the room to located a lubricated dildo. First boy to get the dildo up his ass wins. I quite like this idea and think it could work quite well with mummification. Sound like a hot idea – two boys cling-wrapped up. Could be good for those boys who don’t want to show their faces – put them in full head hoods and wrap them from the neck down. Definitely one to consider.

His second idea was to have two or more boys in puppy cuffs or with their hands clipped to their collars. They have to scamper around trying to shove plugs, dildos and other toys up their asses – and take them to the other end of the room before dropping them into a basket. Most toys collected wins. Not a bad idea.

So many ideas, so little time…..

If you live in Australia and think you have what it takes to be a Soxster Boy and would like to compete in a Soxster Games event, please get in touch! 🙂