I recently did a session with a boy that was pretty hot. The photos are great but he doesn’t want them shared – even with a hood on. So I told him that the only way he was going to play with me again was if he wrote a description of what happened in the session….and here it is…


I looked up at his apartment window, my heart beating a million miles a minute, my cock already trying to escape the confinement of my jeans. The time was 3.50pm.

“10 minutes early,” I thought.

I decided to take a walk around the apartment block, heeding his warning of not arriving early.
The afternoon sun of Melbourne nearly ready to clock off for the day, the busy traffic buzzing around purposefully as always, oblivious to the boy walking around the CBD, about to have his dreams fulfilled.

I followed his instructions and managed to find myself standing at attention in front of his apartment door. I knocked on the door twice, hoping he wouldn’t detect the eagerness in my knocking, but at the same time wanting to make sure he heard it. I turned around from the door as instructed and waited with bated breath and eyes firmly closed.

There were some voices coming from the apartment next door, and I silently hoped I wouldn’t get left blindfolded in the corridor for all to see. Luckily, master answered promptly and blindfolded me before dragging me into the comforts of his makeshift dungeon. He forced me against the door while rubbing his cock along my back which was already hard through his jeans. I could feel his slow shallow breaths against my ear, the faint musky smell of his scent against my nose, his firm but gentle hands caressing my body. I was in heaven.

He reiterated the rules of the session. he gave me a safe word, “red” and warned that if I ever used the safe word, he’d abruptly stop the session and there would be no way of continuing. He then proceeded to slowly undress me, taking care to keep my cock at attention. I felt vulnerable, yet comforted at the same time. He turned me around and put a pair of leather bondage mitts on my hands before restraining them together. He spread my legs apart and started slapping them with his hands. Dragging me by my cock, he lead me to what I presumed was his couch and ordered me to kneel down and service his cock. I could taste his pre-cum seeping through the foreskin of his cock.

“Play with my balls.” He ordered.

I did as he ordered, using my hands to pull down his balls, while sucking him off at the same time. His moans of satisfaction were comfort to my ears. I started sucking harder. He turned me around and took off my blindfold. My vision slowly adjusted and I could see I was facing a computer screen.

On the screen I saw myself, being tortured in a previous session. I could hear my own squeals as he was dripping hot candle wax on my cock and balls. This seemed to please master and got him harder. I tried turning around to catch a glimpse of his handsome face, but this was abruptly stopped by the force of his hand turning my head back around to the screen. After a few minutes, he placed the blindfold back on and ordered me to kneel with hands forward, butt in the air onto the leather couch.

He started spanking me. Soft at first, but rapidly, harder and more intense. I couldn’t help but start squealing. He ordered me to give a number from one to ten every few seconds about the amount of pain I was in. I whimpered numbers every few seconds, as the spanking and whipping continued to increase in intensity until I reached my limit.

At that point I thought he was going to stop and move onto another activity, but he served me with a curve ball.

“You don’t have a boyfriend, do you? he asked.

I wasn’t sure where he was leading with this, and wasn’t sure whether telling him about my boyfriend at home would abruptly stop the session. In the end, against my better judgment, I lied and said I didn’t.

“Good…because I’m going to leave some deep bite marks.”

I knew I was in for it, and immediately regretted my decision. The vicious bites all over my ass were hell painful and I knew that I’d be doing a lot of hiding from my boyfriend when I got home. I could only hope, my bum wouldn’t turn out as bad as some of the BDSM slave videos I’d jerked off over online.

After a few minutes, master seemed content with the ripeness of my bum and led me, still blindfolded through to another room where he forced me into a mattress.

“Remember how you wanted tight bondage? he teased, “I’m going to give you the tightest bondage you’ve ever experienced.”

I had a feeling this would involve a vacuum pump as he’d alluded to it a few times through our chats online. But I never expected the experience I ended up getting. What he said next scared me a little…

“I was contemplating showing you a video of the other boy I put in this… He started screaming after one and a half minutes… I don’t think you’ll last more than two.”

I had a fair idea of what vacuum bags entailed from watching videos online… tight restrictive bondage while spread on your back with a tube connecting your mouth to the outside world so you can breath… right? Seemed pretty simple… I could surely last more than two minutes… surely…

Well… I was wrong.

He started fairly mild, wrapping me from head to toe in glad wrap. For something used to wrap sandwiches, the glad wrap was actually very hardy. I found it very difficult to move at all. Even so, it was fairly mild and something I had no problems handling. Once the vacuum bag came into the session, it was an entirely different picture.

The vacuum bag he ended up putting me in was entirely different from that I’d seen previously. It was probably the size of half my body, requiring me to curl my legs into a ball with my face jammed tightly between my legs. After some initial issues with fitting me into the bag, master finally managed to zip up the end of the bag, removing all contact I had with the outside environment.

As soon as the bag was zipped, the distinct noise of a vacuum filled the air. I could soon feel the area around my body getting smaller and smaller. The bondage was getting tighter and tighter, to the point where it felt like a heavy weight on my chest impeding my attempts to breathe. All I could manage was small, shallow, unrewarding breaths. I was backed into a corner with little chance of escaping. Every time I chanced a breath, the vacuum filled enclosure would get even smaller. All I could try was calming myself to slow my breaths. But it was no use. The claustrophobia and fear of running out of air got the better of me, and soon enough I was complaining to get out. Of course, the more I tried to wriggle and force myself out, the more breathless I became. My only savior, my only chance of getting out of that deep dark hole was my master. Silently, I was pleading for him to take pity and release me from my bondage.

I felt like I was in a bubble which couldn’t be popped. I was scared to death. I knew there was no way I could last in there for long. Every time I went to inhale, as shallow as my breaths were, the vacuumed environment ensured that the bag got even tighter. I was basically breathing in my own carbon dioxide. After probably 20 seconds, which I thought was 20 seconds too long, I was breathing rapidly, taking in small, unrewarding gulps of air, I was complaining about not being able to breathe and wanting out. I’d never experienced anything like it. Even in the 20 seconds, I was honestly fearful of not being let out and eventually passing out… It was scary as hell. Once the zip was undone, I burst out and took in as much air as I could. I was less than pleased when master suggested I have another go, but reluctantly, I agreed wanting to please him.

This time was no different. Even though I tried to be sneaky and provide myself a bigger gap between my legs to breath, once the vacuum was turned on, all that gap resulted in nothing at all. Within 30 seconds, I had had enough. A sense of relief came over me once the zip was released and master was holding me in his arms…even more so when he started playing with my now flaccid cock. He used lube, which I wasn’t used to and soon enough my cock head became extremely sensitive. Master persisted though, and as I adjusted to the sensitivity, it started becoming pleasurable. I clung to him, like a baby to its mother, while he slowly edged my cock.

Words couldn’t describe how good it felt. By now, it’d been about 1 and a half hours since the session started, and I had a feeling it was about to end soon, given master had told me it’d be a short session as he was expecting someone later in the evening. I was more than ready to cum, and was urging myself to explode.

Suddenly, the rubbing stopped. Master had more in store for me. At this time, my blindfold had been removed and I could see master reaching for a humbler, something I’d always wanted to try. I was extremely excited. Like a skilled veteran, he masterfully adjusted the humbler onto my balls and proceeded to tie a length of rope between my balls to the ceiling. This pulled my balls down even more, making it even more difficult to get into a comfortable position to climax. It was however, probably the most enjoyable element of the session. Having my balls pulled down, cock hard and dripping pre-cum… I was in ecstasy. If that wasn’t enough, master proceeded to insert a vibrator up my ass while still stroking my cock. For someone who doesn’t enjoy toys up my backside, I actually found this surprisingly enjoyable.

Eventually I was let out of the humbler, and master ordered me to jerk myself off…but with my left hand! I was a little more uncoordinated than I expected. Slowly but surely I got myself to the point of exploding. After 2 and a half hours, my body had experienced it all. From fear to comfort, from agony to ecstasy. My climax was long overdue, but well worth it. Master then stood up himself, and while jerking himself, got me to play with his balls again. He reached his own climax quickly, shooting his warm jizz all over my body. A climactic end to an incredible session. A session that’s left me craving for more. Until next time.. I guess.