There is more to being a good bottom than being able to take a cock….

A friend of mine showed this link to me…and I thought it was worth posting again.

Bottom is the new Vanilla.

Okay, guys – seriously. Do you know what most total bottoms say when they want to do porn? It goes something like this:

“Tied up and fucked by 10 guys”

“In a sling and fucked by a whole football team”

“Me in the middle of 8 guys using all my holes”

Lazy ass bottoms. You wanna do well in porn – or in any sex life – you do it on your feet, not on your back. Learn versatility. There is nothing special about being able to take it up the butt – or even taking it multiple times. Have you seen the Treasure Island videos with the worn out Arby’s sandwich with too much horsey sauce hanging out from a guys butt cheeks?! Yea. I don’t know many quality tops who want to get in on that kinda action.

I say get on the Versatile train – but if you have to be a total bottom, you better have some parlor trick you can perform than just having a few holes you don’t mind having penetrated. Extensive muscle control, being able to ride on top, being able excessively tight, dirty talking, being excessively good looking. Find something, anything besides “I’m a bottom.”


This about sums it up for me – and I find it relevant to both making porn and playing with a cute boy who wants to be a slave. If you are going to be a really good bottom boy in film then you need to be something special in terms of how you interact with others. If you look at the really good porn stars, then you will notice something interesting – their appeal comes from how they conduct themselves on film as well as how cute they are and how talented they are. Brett Corrigan is one of my favorites – because he makes the effort to look like he is having a good time. He knows how to moan. He knows how to encourage his tops. And he CAN top if he wants to.

In a BDSM situation, it is so important to be a good bottom. Just lying there and taking it doesn’t make you a bottom – it makes you a starfish. Remain vocal. Let the top know what you are feeling. If you are having candle wax dripped on you, make it clear if you like it or not – the top might want to be causing you pain, and it’s no fun for him if you give no reaction other than closing your eyes and thinking of England.

So here is my challenge to all the bottom boys out there – be the best bottom you can be. Be vocal, appealing, enthusiastic and willing. 🙂