I had a really amazing three days in Vegas. Lots of shows and some great sex. I got back to the hotel just after midnight on my last night. With my alarm set for five am to catch my seven am flight the smart thing would have been to go straight to sleep. But then I made the mistake of calling my friend David back in Australia to say hi.

We talked and reminisced about the time we fucked this cute nineteen year old named Colin. I boned up and spontaneously decided to jump on Grindr. Almost immediately a cute 24yo latino boy messaged me.

It was late and we were both horny so it didn’t take too long before I invited him over. Normally I quite like having a bit of online foreplay but not tonight – I was in the mood to fuck long and hard.

Twenty minutes later he arrived at the hotel and after initially going to the wrong wing of the hotel he found my room and knocked softly. I opened the door to find a stunning boy standing there, looking shy and even cuter than his picture. I said hello, invited him in and within a few seconds he was pressed up against me, chest to chest. I nuzzled his neck as I pulled him in close and started to caress his back. He liked my touch and I stripped off his jacket and shirt. I pushed his pants down to his knees and left his underwear in place.

Now bare from the waist up I spun him around and took control. Holding his back tightly against my chest I hooked my arm around his neck and held him in a choke hold, tight and controlling, as I continued to stroke his smooth hairless chest. I started licking his neck. I got a good reaction and continued my way towards his earlobes. When I licked his ear lobe and sucked it into my mouth to nibble he moaned and shivered involuntarily.

I reached down to his cock, which was rock hard. He reached around behind him – my arm still wrapped around his neck, making sure he knew I was in control. His hand found my soft cock pushing against his ass. I stroked his cock and was rewarded with precum starting to leak. My own cock started to harden in his hand – and when it reached a thickness exceeding his wrist he picked up the pace with excitement. He stroked and caressed my balls as he submitted to being held in a neck lock and caressed.

After five minutes, and when I was sure he knew I was in control, I stripped off his pants and shoes, and I pushed him up against the wall, facing the wallpaper, resting on his elbows and forearms. His mental submission to me was now complete and he didn’t move his arms from where I firmly placed them. I bent over until my mouth was just above his ass. I put my wet tongue against his spine, a few inches above his butt and in one slow movement ran my tongue up his spine until I reached his neck. He moaned but didn’t move from the position I had put him in. Good boy. I did it again, starting lower but this time ending with licking his neck. Each time, starting lower and lower. Ending at a different place on his neck.

Lots of touches and caresses. My tongue exploring his back and then his chest. His perfect nipples getting hard from the licking and gentle application of teeth.

Kissing a grey area for me in sex. It isn’t usual in one night stands. But with Daniel I found myself drawn to his lips. I had my face so close to his mouth that the heat from my lips would have been felt by him. They brushed – almost accidentally, a fleeting touch. And then again and again. Finally my tongue reached out and licked his lips. His mouth opened and I moved forward until we were making out – while I caressed his naked body.

I pushed him towards the bed. He was surprised when I dragged him around the bed until he was lying on his back with his head hanging over the edge. I pushed my cock towards his mouth which opened and took it in. This angle means that it is easier to push a cock down someone’s throat without gagging. Well, in the case of my thick cock, gagging as much as they normally would.

I decided to be nice and let him hold the base of my cock as I gently but firmly throat fucked him. He hadn’t even had a chance to see it properly before it slid between his lips. As I pushed my cock in and out of his throat I played with his nipples. His cock was hard and drooling precum. I leaned forward and licked it and took the head into my mouth. Sweet. I held his head with one hard and pushed my cock deeper into his mouth. Surprising for such a young guy he didn’t gag.

I climbed onto the bed and lay back, propped up on the pillows. His lips made a bee line for my cock and kept on sucking on his hands and knees. Now that he had a bit more control he was able to play with my balls and stroke the base of my cock. He started off between my legs. After ten minutes I move him around so he was sucking me at right angles so I could tease his hole with my fingers. I milked some precum out of his cock and used it to slicken his hole.

He liked the sensation so I moved him onto my chest. From my vantage his ass was in just the right place. Not quite a teenage butt – this hole had clearly been fucked but not a whole lot. I ran my fingers up and down his crack and pulled his ass cheeks wide and licked my way up and down his ass. There was a muffled ‘mmphf’ sound as my cock buried in his throat muffled the sound of his moan. After five minutes of fingering and rimming I decided he was ready to take me. I rolled him off me, popping his mouth off my cock in the process.

I moved to the table to get condoms and lube. He jumped off the bed and rummaged through his jeans pocket for a bottle of amyl and jumped back onto the bed. I asked if I could take a photo of his cock and I snapped one with my phone of our cocks side by side. Mine fat and long, his thin and swordlike.

I rolled a condom down and squished some silicone lube onto his ass and lubed up my cock.

I positioned him on all fours right on the edge of the bed, his knees barely on the bed. He was at exactly the right height for me to stand there and rub my lubed and ready wrapped cock up and down his crack. When I was rock hard I found his hole and started to apply pressure. And more pressure. And more pressure. He snorted amyl time and time again. Just when my cock was danger of bending in two I felt the head begin to slowly inch forward. He gasped – I kept the pressure constant as he slowly opened up and took me in. It slid in and I let it stop about two thirds of the way in. I held it still as his ass clenched and spasmed around it. I felt his ass slowly relax. I knew what was going through his mind – he thought he had it all. “ready to take the rest?” I asked. He tensed, realizing his hollow victory and moaned as the rest pushed in. I held his hips and rocked back and forward to make sure it was buried deep as it could go. The amyl snorting continued. I stopped as he took a sniff – I don’t mind hurting boys when required but amyl down the nose is a little too cruel for my tastes.

The fuck continued, getting harder and more intense. He had this annoying habit of trying to raise himself up on his arms. This meant I couldn’t fuck as hard or deep so I kept pushing him back onto his elbows (good) or until his chest was on the bed (great).

He also kept on trying to jerk off with one hand. I was in the mood for a rough fuck so I kept on pushing his hand away. Finally I lost patience and told him to grab his ass cheeks and pull them apart. This meant that he had his chest flat on the bed, that he couldn’t jerk off and that I was able to plough him that little bit deeper. Win.

I grabbed the phone and snapped some pics of my cock in his butt.

We switched to him on his back. I was still standing. Then pushing him away from me I climbed onto the bed into proper missionary. His ass was really loose now. I grabbed one shoulder and used it as leverage for the fuck. Then both shoulders – one hard on each ensuring each thrust pushed home. I moved around – pushing in at different angles to ensure I hit every wall of his ass – including his prostate.

I pounded him until he started to wince and then pulled him off the bed and over to the arm chair. I sat down and pulled his ass down over my cock as we faced each other chest to chest. He bounced up and down and I pushed him back to maximize the penetration. When he tired of bouncing I started bucking my hips. Back onto the bed and loose enough to fuck missionary. Teasing his nipples as I ploughed him. At one point he begged me to spit on my cock to lube his ass. I spat onto my cock which was half buried in his ass and fucked it inside. He moaned – as much in love with the idea as the slicker ass that resulted.

Positions changed every few minutes as I sensed he was reaching his limit. New position meant different sensations for him to fight.

Missionary. Then both legs held against my chest as I slid in and out. Then one leg down and one leg up against my chest. We ran through ten or so positions until his ass couldn’t take anymore. We ended up with me on my back and him riding me. I think he thought that would put him a little back in control. I made him link his arms with mine and lean right back. My cock sank deep into his butt and I was able to pull him on and off of my cock forcefully. He seemed to like it but his ass gave out and we had a rest. He said his ass was probably finished for the night but after a short break he agreed to ride me once more. He rolled a fresh condom onto my cock. He had seen when i had put one on earlier that it was too thick to roll down – so he stretched it out with his fingers and unraveled it down the shaft. He lubed me up and gingerly sat down on me. Knowing he was aiming to blow I started hard – bouncing his ass on my cock – pulling him down roughly and bucking him off.

Finally I stood by the bed and slid my cock into him deep in the missionary position. When he sniffed amyl I told him to hold it in a little longer as I fucked him.

This boy was a gusher not a shooter. The cum didn’t make it more than about three inches but as he blew it formed a number of deep cum puddles on his stomach. I kept fucking him until every last drop was expelled and the pleasure had turned to pain as the orgasm finished washing over him.

I withdrew after a final vicious thrust and sat myself back on the pillows at the head of the bed and ordered him to play with my balls which he did with surprisingly good technique (making sure he teased under the balls as well) before I blew my load over my chest, mixing with his. We lay there for a while before he dressed and left looking a little dazed from the experience.

I sent him the photos via grinder – his response? “That’s so hot – come back.”

It takes around eighteen hours to fly from Melbourne to Las Vegas and requires a change at LAX. And yet, for a full weekend with this boy, it would be totally worth it.