Every so often you meet a boy who really needs, and I mean NEEDS, to experience some kinky sex. Zakai was one of those boys. He was quite repressed sexually because of his upbringing and religious school. He had sucked quite a bit of cock, but even though he was clearly a boy with a submissive side he has never been fucked. When he sucked my cock he went about it like he was in control…and I had to teach him that his role was actually to submit and concentrate on my pleasure. Giving up control is not something that came easily to him – which made me appreciate it all the more.
Zakai is definitely someone who benefited from his first true BDSM experience. Ultimately, I think that a few more BDSM experiences will enable him to become a more confident person, a better lover and someone who is less concerned about what people think. He is a great guy. And because he is only in his mid 20s, I’m convinced that he will definitely have time to evolve into an excellent bottom boy who loves to get fucked vanilla or in a more spiced up environment. I asked him to document our first session – and here’s what he said.

As I entered your apartment building I was nervous. I found a ground level bathroom and fumbled with my zipper quickly trying to relive myself. I was worried I was going to be late yet I was right on time. You buzzed me up and told me the floor number.

The elevator was wood panelled and mirrored. I was finally getting there. After months of chatting on scruff and several phone conversations that made me cum like a fire hose it was finally the right time. I walked down the hall terrified and nervously knocked on your door. I knew that tonight was going to be like nothing I had ever done before. I have never not been the one in control. And I chose this as I knew I need someone who was forceful enough to take me there but who also seemed gentle.
You answered almost straight away. You were handsome, very tall and sexy. You welcomed me and directed me to your living room. I started to feel at ease, a feeling that would come and go through out the night. We chit chatted for a bit. Damn – you were so charming. You had me the minute I saw you. I felt comfortable. You made me feel safe. I was rock hard.
I asked to use your bathroom. I tried to urinate again out of nerves. I took a few deep breaths and realised I was really going to do this. Let my guard down, something that is not easy for me to do. But I realized that it is now or never.
I came back. And you showed me some of the porn you had shot. It was hot but to be honest I didn’t really care. All I could think was ‘I’m ready I want to worship this man’. I wanted to please and obey him.
The next bit is a bit of a blur it happened so fast. I remember standing up with my back towards you. I could feel your eyes on me. I could feel that amazing body behind me. Your size made me feel so small – your height with you towering over me. You blindfolded me – something I felt very uncomfortable about. And you knew it. You stripped me, leaving only my underwear on – a pair I wore especially for you. Red underwear with Nasty Pig printed on the band. You put a collar and a harness on me then… Hands. Hands. Hands. Everywhere.
You were behind me, your arm wrapped around my throat. Your hands were exploring my body – the bulge in my jocks, my nipples, everywhere. It was amazing. I was yours. I wasn’t going anywhere. You pulled the back of my jocks down exposing my virgin ass. You yanked at the harness so I would lean forward and then SLAP. I was in heaven. I’d always fantasized about being spanked but never had been before. And it felt amazing.
You started to put leather sleeves on me, so my arms and hands would be encased, chained together. I started to get really scared and asked you not to. I wasn’t ready. I was begging and you took them off. You bent me over and spanked me more. This was my punishment.
I heard you rummaging for something. I felt what I instantly worked out to be a whip. You softly run it across my back and in my ass crack. It felt amazing, sending chills down my spine. Then whack across my ass cheeks. I lost count every time you spanked me I was just in the moment. There’s something weird about spanking. It feels amazing and then it’s gone. There’s a nervous waiting for it to happen again. You’re scared of it, you want it but you don’t know when it will happen and then…Whack.
You soon changed to a paddle. The paddle had one side of smooth leather and one side fur. You rubbed the furry part over my face and body, flipping it around letting me feel the different textures. You worked your way down and rubbed it over my checks and flipped it around and whacked my ass hard again. At one point you stood me up and said ‘beg me to slap your balls with it’. I did and you did. And that was interesting to say the least. I have very sensitive balls like my nipples and it hurt – but not in a bad way. And I kind of loved it.
You had me kneel up straight. I could sense you taking off your cloths. I felt so small I could feel you towering over my body. And then you went to put those leather sleeves on me. And chained them to each other. To be honest, I really hated them. I felt helpless. I could tell there was no way of me going anywhere. I had lost all control. You indicated to me to lick the bulge in your jocks. I could feel your bulge. It felt heavy. I was barely making the cotton wet. I could feel it getting heavier in there. I was worried I was doing a bad job. Not being able to see or use your hands makes it very hard to gage what you’re doing.
You then took off your underwear and sat down in a chair. I was still blind folded and had my hands bound together…
It was time for me to demonstrate my oral skills. You gave me a big sniff of Jungle Juice Amyl. Each each nostril telling me to hold it in for 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. I started licking your balls, thighs and where your legs meet I breathed on your cock and then I started sucking it fast and hard. Your cock is HUGE. FAT. HEAVY. LONG. I’ve never been the biggest fan of uncut cocks. (Actually I use to never fool around with someone if they were uncut.) But you converted me. I’ll never discriminate against a cock again – I guess it must have been the fear if the unknown. Your cock in just one word is ‘incredible’. I began Deep throating it, shoving as much as I could in my mouth.
After a short while you told me that I sucked cock like it was 3am at the peel. You told me that it was about servicing you and pleasuring you. Not about me. I felt a little deflated at that point. I am told very often that I give amazing head. And the way I was performing head was always the way I was told to. You told me I had great skills but that when sucking you I need to tell a story – it needs to have a beginning a middle and an end. And what I was doing should be the end. This was when you started training me. to worship your Hard Heavy Cock.
You told me to just do long slow licks on your balls. It took me awhile to get in the right pace and a comfortable position. You then instructed me to slowly, over a full minute, to lick from underneath your balls to the head of your cock. I did it too fast and you said get back down there. So I did and tried again. I just wanted to please you – that was all that was in my head. I was finally pleasing you. You trained me to worship your cock. I was taught how to bite on your foreskin. To suck it into my mouth and stick my tongue inside your foreskin and move it around and then slowly graze my teeth up your shaft. I then sucked on you slow and sweet. You took the leather sleeves off and put leather cuffs on me that also locked together. I could now use my hands to play, stroke and pull on your balls.
I was getting over a cold and still had a bit of a blocked nose and at one point had to have you help me blow my nose it as my hands where bound. Humiliating.
You told me to go down on your cock and rest my mouth there. You then pushed your cock all the way in for 3 seconds. I gagged and spit a little. You said good boy and for the first time I finally felt I was doing a good job.
I continued to suck and then you told me to go all the way down. And this time you pushed yourself all the way in for 10 seconds. You stood up and made me kneel upright. Then you did the same practice again and again – holding my mouth open and shoving your long fat cock deep in my throat holding it there for 10 seconds while I tried not to gag and choke. We fooled around like this for a while there was also more spanking and whipping.
You then led me into another room and a terrified feeling started to come over me. I knew what was coming, you told me to climb up into the sling. My heart racing so fast I thought it was going to beat out of my chest. I felt so nervous. I felt you put something on my nipples that sucked on them. And then you put a cold rubber ball stretcher on me. I started to panic and you said relax and feel it. And I reached down and felt my balls and it felt fine. You then sucked on my cock. Your warm mouth going up and down on my hard cut cock felt amazing. And made me relax.
I then got to take my blindfold off. And this is when I got to heaven. I for the first time saw you naked. You were amazing. You had this cheeky grin on your face. You started to cover my ass in lube. And you put a latex glove on and your finger slowly entered me. You felt around and found my prostate and all I can say is FUCK. FUCK that was amazing. I have never felt so good in my life. The amount of pre cum gushing from my cock was ridiculous. I don’t know how to describe it. It felt like I was cumming and peeing and this was multiplied by 1000%. My body was shaking, shivering, vibrating, tingling. For the first time in my life I got it, I understood, and I was no longer scared.
You opened me up with your fingers, then some family toys I had been playing with and brought with me: a butt plug and a 6” dildo. I was in another world sniffing amyl and you were right there with me. I didn’t feel I was being taken advantage of – I felt we where equals. I really wanted to scream out ‘fuck me I want it’. And I did want it then and there. But I didn’t. We agreed we wouldn’t fuck the first time. You really wanted to put your stainless steel toys in me. But I vetoed that idea… for this session.
You ended up getting five fingers in me you said I opened up nicely. You kept playing with my hole and stimulating my prostate for what seemed like hours. I was in another world – one I didn’t want to leave. And it wasn’t all sex, we talked and it was nice. You stood over me while I was in the sling; I wanted you to come on my chest. I started sucking and licking your balls while you pumped your cock over my face. You said it was time for my revenge and you told me to stick my fingers in your hole. I slipped a glove on and I fingered your hole as you jerked off furiously. First one finger then two. You repositioned yourself so I had better access to your ass and you blew your load over my chest. The second time that’s ever happened to me. I very rarely even cum on my own chest.
You went and washed up. I was covered in your cum. You returned and put another latex glove on. It was now my turn to blow. You started to play with my prostate. There was no holding back – four strokes and I was shooting. I was totally spent. You helped me off the sling, warning me to be careful as I had a fair bit of amyl but I was fine. Actually for the first time my mind was actually blank with no thoughts going 100km a second. We went and showered together, washing each other’s bodies talking about the experience and finding out about each other and their lives. You gave me an oriental robe to put on. I jokingly said, “Is this the one you give all your boys?” You merely said yes.
We went into the living room and chatted a little bit more about life, films, theatre and TV and then I got dressed and cleaned my sex toys I had bought. We kissed. And you directed me to go slower. Open my mouth upwards in yours. You showed me to the door and I left.
As I walked down the hall towards the lift I remember thinking I’m never going to be the same. I don’t want every sexual experience to be S&M – just have it sprinkled in. Explore my sexual boundaries, have fun. I have spent my whole life being scared of sex. What for? I have never felt more amazing and alive then right then and there. I look forward to exploring my sexuality and fantasies more and coming out of my shell and opening up. I have many things I would love to try. I think this is going to be very VERY good for me. And I can’t wait for the next time when you fuck me for the first time. No one has been inside my virgin hole. My ass is really begging for it. You have no idea. Z
(It should be noted that this all happened a couple of days ago so the memory is not as fresh. However, I still have bruises on both cheeks. This will serve as a short term reminder of one of the best nights of my life.)
I’m glad he had a good time and I can’t wait to pop his cherry! 🙂 He’s a great guy and I think we will be playing together for a while. I can actually see him becoming genuinely versatile and I’m looking forward to showing him to do to other boys what I’m going to do to you.
A short post script. I was having phone sex with Z two nights ago, when I got a message from a small, mid 20s, furry, hot, slim otter type who loves to blow my massive cock. He was wandering past my apartment – and wanted to know if he could pop in and go down. I agreed and had phone sex with Z while Tommy sucked my cock. Amazing hot mouth. I ended up putting him on his back with his head over the edge of the bed and fucking his face. When I blew I was so far down his throat that he was gagging. He certainly didn’t even have the opportunity to taste most of my cum as I unloaded way down his throat.
Z was sniffing amyl down the other end of the phone and blew within a few seconds of hearing me blow my load as Tommy gagged on it. Nice. 🙂