This is one of my favourite toys. Ten years ago I arranged to have a session with a hot 18 year old. As instructed, he arrived in my hallway and put on the blindfold and I started to cover him in leather gear. When he got to his ass I found this embedded deep in it. He had driven about an hour to come play and had come all the way with this home made butt plug in. It is constructed of a door stopper glued to a cupboard door handle, with string to retrieve it if it went too deep. It did the trick – he took some massive toys that first night and we are still playing with each other a decade on. He is now a hot 28 year old with a rowers body and massive cock – but that’s another story. At the end of our first session I swapped him a real butt plug for his home made one. It’s one of my dearest souvenirs and always makes me recall that hot teenager that walked through my door with it up his butt.