I’ve decided I need a house boy … let’s see how effective Craig’s list is!   🙂


Bondage master seeks a house boy to help organise and maintain his collection of toys and gear.

Looking for a boy to come in for a few hours each week to clean, sort and categorise the gear, including sterilizing toys. Preferably aged under 25. Some household duties will be expected, including cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. The successful applicant is also expected to help with a project to photograph and audit the gear for inclusion on a website (eg. photograph the item, write a description of it, label files, etc…). Also expected to help organise and categorise an extensive porn collection in preparation for it being converted from VHS/DVD to hard drive.

This position would suit someone with limited experience in BDSM who is interested in related equipment and wanting to know how it all works. Willing to consider applications from young BDSM tops who want to perform the above duties and learn about gear.

Unpaid volunteer position. Two to four hours on a weekly basis, on either evenings after work or on weekends at a mutually agreed time. Applicant must be discrete as they will likely be present at times when I am working over other guys.

Sexual relationship with the applicant to be discussed. It isn’t expected that there would be sex every week, but there is scope for it for the right boy. I’m expecting the applicant would be semi naked during their service.