A friend of a friend was recently injured in a pretty horrific road accident that wasn’t his fault. While he survived, and was lucky not to suffer any brain damage, his spine was damaged and he will probably spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. When a hot, 22yo gay boy is told he probably won’t walk again, and can’t feel anything from the waist down, it had to be the worst moment of his life.

Having a disability presents a number of challenges, but it led me to think about sex and sexuality. What would happen if I found myself in a similar situation?

Having thought long and hard about it – pun intended – I think I’m pretty confident that I’d still find more than enough to amuse me sexually for a couple of lifetimes. While it would suck not to be able to aim at a cute face and blow a load right between his eyes, I’m sure I would find more than enough amazing sex to be going on with.

The good news is that the most important sex organ is the brain. You can be incredibly hot but if you just lie there during sex and act like a starfish, I’d rather be watching porn than fuck you. I’m sure there are many quadriplegics who are far more vocal and more involved in sex than some guys I’ve fucked who choose to just lie there.

I’ve started to make a list of the range of sexual activities that happen above the waist. The song “One Night in Bangkok” has a line – “I get my kicks above the waist line, sunshine”. It’s time to prove that wrong. You can indeed have an awesome sexual life above the belly button.   🙂

Fisting Top and Toys
Many guys love having their asses stretched with fingers, hands and toys. The level of concentration and connection between partners during fisting dramatically exceeds what occurs in vanilla sex – there needs to be total trust and communication when stretching butt. Plus, it’s an activity often done with the bottom boy in a sling while the top remains seated. Perfect for a paraplegic.  Just remember to apply your wheelchair brakes before pushing your knuckles into his ass so you can keep the pressure on without rolling away. Another benefit is that a wheelchair has to be a damn sight more comfortable than those little wooden fisting stools most people use. Back support for a start. I also understand that Crisco dripping out of a boy’s ass makes a wonderful lubricant for wheelchair axels (note: may not be true but it would be awesome if it was).

Whether a dominant or submissive, bondage is all about fucking someone’s mind. Whether it’s leather, rope, chains, cling wrap or rubber – tying someone up or being tied up is an intense experience. And if you can’t move your legs then that allows your top to concentrate on decent arm and upper body restraints. It saves time and lets you get to the good stuff faster. If you top in bondage then you can expect to do a lot of horizontal bondage – tying people to beds, into slings, on bondage tables or just on the ground – your choice. You can even tie people up and winch them into the air for suspension bondage – awesome fun. Definitely something to try. Lots of room for creativity. Remember, touching is a lot more intense if you are blindfolded and helpless.

Spanking, Whipping, Canes and Paddles
All of these activities are open – either a top or bottom. Another intense experience where you can achieve an intense sexual connection with someone. It doesn’t have to be about pain. Spanking can be light or hard. Flogging can be sensual or excruciating. The choice is up to you and your partner.

Sucking Guys Off
Some guys love to give head – it gives them emotional pleasure to feel a cock hitting their throats. Being in a wheelchair puts you in the right position to really go to town.  Why stop at just one?

Nipple Play
Many guys get off on nipple play – both giving and receiving. Nipple clips, teeth, ice and a range of other things can create some amazing sensations.  Be playful and enjoy it.

What’s CBT I hear you ask? It’s cock and ball torture and it can be very pleasurable, very painful and everything in between. It can involve slapping, squeezing, twisting – or devices for crushing, electro pleasure or various rubber and leather devices to create a range of sensations. Tormenting people can be fun.

Snuggling, Kissing, Licking and Cuddling
Some of the most important things – feeling the hot breath of your lover as you are face to face, are what sex is all about. Enjoy it. 😉

There are lots of other options. Sensual Biting. Edging boys for extended periods.  Adult baby play. Plenty of options. Plenty of choices. Tie up cute boys and play with them. Become a leather boy and fist the world. Or suck off a room or horny guys.

To the paraplegic guys out there. It is your choice – enjoy the journey.  I’d love to hear from any guys in wheelchairs about their sexual experiences.   🙂