Here is a brief interview with a speedo obsessed puppy that I have played with a few times. Enjoy.

Andrew: How long have you known you were a pup?
Speedopup: I think I’ve always known, it’s just been an instinct I guess, natural feeling I’ve just had. It feels right for me
A: So what was your first experience of pup play?
S: LOL, convincing my mate to walk me on a leash :S
A: Tell me about that
S: Well it didn’t take much convincing, he pretty much knows everything about me, he is aware I am a deviant, so it didn’t really surprise him when I asked, he sorta had a shit eating grin when I asked. He is straight but he is defiantly a Dominant guy. I think he enjoys my submissiveness to be honest
A: And how old were you both?
S: I didn’t start doing anything pup related til bout 24, I didn’t really embrace who I was until maybe 22, and that was because of the friends I had at time, particularly my best mate who really encouraged me to be myself..
A: So where did he walk you? In public?
S: Yeah it was public, at night tho.. local park
A: Ok, so how else do you do pup play?
S: I have a guy I’ve started playin with recently who loves that I’m a pup, I think he is taken with it cause its different to what he is used to. I’ve bought a tail recently and he loves it, have the whole thing, tail, mitts, dog hood, collar, chain etc, he likes to train me  😛
A: We have only met a few times – describe our first session
S: I was nervous as hell. If I recall I don’t think I ever saw you, I was blindfolded from the moment I entered the building to the moment I was walked out of your place
A: So what happened?
S: I was told to wait outside, I wasn’t allowed to look at you, when I entered I was blindfolded, pushed against the door I came in, and stripped. had glove things put on me and some bar in my mouth. I had to make my way up several flights of stairs like that to find your place and hopefully knock on the right door
A: So you were stripped in the stairwell of my building and told to make your way to the apartment – how did that make you feel?
S: Nervous as hell, but it felt awesome, I love being naked in public, though I’m afraid to do it at the same time. I more so love the feeling that I’m not in control of it. Having someone take my clothes in a public place is the best feeling for me
A: So what did Ido to you?
S: In the apartment?
A: Yes
S: I think you bound my legs together with restraints and tied my hands behind me with those gloves., I was made to chase a ball over your lap, before I lost interest and started nuzzling your crotch.., which led to me sucking your cock
A: How did this make you feel?
S: I felt raw, not in control, I wasn’t ready to blow you at first, I think I got over it fairly quick, the hesitation I mean.. my memory of that night isn’t great
A: Yes it was a fair while ago. Tell me about your recent park experience
S: I was told to meet the guy at the back of this park., his msg told me to be there waiting on my knees without pants, in fluro green speedos and I was wearing a tank top.. which he ripped off me. He bound my hands with the tank, kicked me over and then told me to close my eyes. After which he pissed over me
A: How did it make you feel?
S: He stripped off to a speedo for me. I was nervous as I wasn’t sure what he had planned for me, I trust him, he seems genuinely concerned for me but at the same time he makes me know my place under him
A: After he pissed on you, what happened?
S: Well it was finished, but I asked if I could jerk off, which he found amusing, he claims on his journal it was his idea to take me into the light, but I was the one that actually said to him I should do it, he took a photo of me on my phone as his didn’t have a flash and then left me to jerk off over what had happened
A: So you came alone?
S: Blew my load? no I stopped before I got that far, I was cold and wet and I wanted to get dry before as id been sick not long before this and didn’t want a repeat
A: So how did you go from being covered in piss to home and warm?
S: I had clothes on the ground there, I put em on and drove home, had a shower and went to bed
A: When did you cum. In bed?
S: I didn’t, I was already tired before I left, and I was almost not going to go through with it. I did jerk over it the next day
A: That’s pretty boring. So did you enjoy it?
S: It’s boring but I was tired and I’d been sick and still not 100%, but yeah I enjoyed it
A: So what do you want to try next?
S: My biggest thing I want, is to be tied down and have several guys cum all over me, maybe even be gang fucked
A: This is a long term fantasy of yours, isn’t it?
S: Yeah, this one is my biggest and one I really want to have several experiences of. I’ve seen a japanese bukkake video, one guy took 56 loads, it was awesome, they shot over his face and it dripped onto his body, a lot was caught in kidney dish and put into a vial, which at the end was poured over him and it was washed into his skin, it went into a soapy lather..,
A: Not sure we can find that many guys, but it would be fun
S: There was so much cum, he was wearing swimming goggles for it. A more tame version I have is the one I sent you of the guy lying on the bench thing smiling as guys cum over his face, I just watch that every now and then and think I want that to be me, to have that smile while I get sprayed. Tho the only difference I might like with my version is I would have the guys all in speedos
A: Have you had any group experience?
S: No. I defiantly want it tho
A: So looking for more pup experiences?
S: Yeah definitely
A: Ok, thanks for that Pup – and we look forward to posting pics of your next session soon
S: I’m looking forward to that 😛