This is a great toy – but not necessarily for beginners. The three stainless steel balls are smoothly attached to the shaft. They get bigger and bigger – but not so big that it is impossible for a good bottom to take. The challenge with this toy is actually the length. In order to take the big ball you need to get that little ball really far into your ass. Not really for beginners – but an awesome toy. I sought out this toy after seeing it used in a Bound Gods shoot. We have used it in a number of shoots too – and it is always a challenge for the bottom boy.  Good stuff!  🙂

If you want to order one yourself:
The guys were lovely when I ordered.  🙂  And no, I’m not being paid to promote this toy.

I love stainless steel toys – the good ones last forever. You can boil them. They feel incredibly smooth when slicked up with lube. They go in cold and warm up to body temperature. When you take a large stainless steel like this out of a boy’s ass it is warm to the touch – even when felt through latex gloves. It’s like the toy comes alive, rather than remaining cold and plastic. Love them.  🙂

While I was taking the above photo, I thought that it might be a good time to establish my credentials as a fisherman….with the number of anal hooks that I have, I’m always ready to go fishing for twinks. I use anal hooks on a rope that is slightly elasticised – makes it safer, while holding the pressure on.  If you can attach the rope to the right point you can arrange the one with the single ball to press into the boy’s prostate. I tend to use them more when a boy is in a sling. You can also put them into a boy and then use it as an anchor point for rope bondage – which is also fun.

And because the toy is called the Snowman, it reminded me of this great photo I found online.  🙂