People with a rudimentary understanding of kink know about the existence of slings. However, many beginners don’t understand why they are so great. Sooner or later, someone will start making them in pink and rename them ‘love supports’. Oprah will declare them one of her favourite things and every home in America will have one within a month.
But until then those of us with slings have an advantage – better sex than everyone else. There are a couple of reasons as to why sling sex is so good and it is good to take the time occasionally to reflect.
The first is that the bottom boy gets to relax. It is much easier to relax your butt when the rest of you is comfortable. If you are being fucked on your back on a bed, or anywhere else for that matter, then you need to hold your legs in position. If you are being fucked on all fours then you need to keep your balance. In a sling the bottom boy can let himself go completely limp and concentrate on relaxing his hole. Provided he isn’t tied down he can also jerk off, play with his balls and nipples, and reach down to his butt to feel the toys and cocks going in. This would be impossible on all fours during a rough fuck. It also means the bottom boy can make eye contact with his top and this can help them relax.
Second, it turns any top into a power top. If the sling has been adjusted to the height of the top then they can fuck standing – and fuck hard. This gives them more control and endurance. You can thrust into the boy. Or push the sling away from you and let the boy swing back and impale himself. Maybe lean over him and kiss him while you rabbit fuck him.  A few years ago I tore a ligament in my back at work, and the sling was fantastic while I was recovering – there was no way I could have pounded a boy on my bed before my back fully recovered, but standing and thrusting into a boy with a sling was more than possible and fun. With a population that is growing older, it’s only a matter of time before grey haired people realise that you can keep having great sex even with back problems.
Third, there are amazing possibilities for BDSM.  Having a boy blindfolded on his back with his legs spread does tend to make him feel helpless even before you restrain him. It’s a very passive position for a boy to be in.  If you are lying on your back, and your hands are clipped to the sling near your head, then you can look down and see your cock but you can’t touch it. You can watch the guy fucking you – if he takes off the blindfold – but you can’t do much about it. You can tie people into a sling with rope, chain them in, clingwrap them in. You can push toys into them, just electro on them, sound them or just slap them around. Wax, CBT or nipple play. A sling is a great first step for all kinds of BDSM activities.
By now you should have decided you want to get a sling. There are many different kinds of slings and your choice should depend on what you are into. I have three different slings – each for a different purpose. I really need one more to complete the set.
The first kind is your basic four point sling. Probably the most popular type of sling because it is the best and most versatile. Mine is a cargo net, as opposed to solid leather. The gaps ensure the bottom boy doesn’t get too hot and means that you don’t get sweat pooling. Also means the bottom boy doesn’t end up lying in a pool of lube, Crisco and ass juice. The lattice work of a good square cargo net sling provides opportunities for bondage. There is plenty of space for a pillow. It looks good with a range of accessories. A really good all round sling.
The second sling I own is a solid red leather five point sling. It looks great. As one of my friends asked, “does red go faster?”.  Five point slings let you put the head a little higher. Interestingly, five point slings tend to be more popular in Europe than they are in the USA, Canada or Australia.  I like the five point sling for certain scenes – the red leather looks great.
My third sling is a triangle cargo net that is designed for group sex. Because it comes to a point at the top it means that the bottom boy can turn his head to either side and suck a lot of cock. With a four or five point sling the width near the boy’s head means he might have to pull himself to the edge or suck awkwardly. With a three point you can have a guy on each side of the sling and take turns fucking the back of his throat. The three attachment points make the sling a little less unstable which makes the bottom boy feel more vulnerable and at the mercy of the other guys in the room. Great for group fucks.
There is one more type of on my “to do” list (the list of things I want “to do” naked boys in). I need a five point sling where the two middle straps are close to the middle. This means that you can secure a boy in the sling and then release the top clip – making his head hang back until it is in the perfect position for a good throat fuck. 🙂
Of course the sling is just the starting point. You then have a range of choices in relation to pillows, restraints, arm straps and leg supports. I have blue and black leather pillows, a triangle pillow especially designed for the five point sling, black leather wrist and angle straps, padded blue and black leather leg supports, and plenty of restraints that can be clipped on.
So plenty of options and plenty of combinations. I’ve been privileged to be able to give quite a few guys their first sling experience – sometimes their first experience with butt sex at all.  Cherry boys really love the sling – makes for a really relaxing first time.
So for the people who ask why I have a sling, I simply say that it’s the best thousand bucks you will ever spend – and yes, by the time you have it installed that’s about right.
One last point. Slings get better with age. My first sling is now incredibly soft. Years of ass pounding, lube, Crisco and other substances have turned the leather soft and supple. Like a fine wine, a good sling only gets better with age. If you are ever in a sex club just feel how soft the slings can get – the ones at the sex on site premises Club 80 in Melbourne are amazing. But that’s what you get when a sling is used every night for year after year – leather soft and pliable as calico.  🙂  I really think the slings in sex clubs should be installed and sold every two years as ‘pre fucked’. I think many guys would like the idea of being fucked in a sling that had gotten so much action…