As many of you know, I love stainless steel. Here are three of my favourite toys.

The toy with the five balls in increasing size is one of my favourites. It was one of my first stainless steel toys. I’ve had it for more than a decade and it still looks brand new. It’s been up more asses than I can count. The small ball is really small and is perfect for ass play beginners. I generally start by pushing one ball in and then pull it out, repeat that a few times, and then try it with two balls. Then three.  Sometimes beginners can’t take all five – not because of the size of the last ball but because of the depth required.

The rod of balls is also great. No difference in size between the bals, but they give a great sensation. With the balls that increase in size, once the boy relaxes he will only really feel the large balls. The rod of balls has a different result – because they are the same size, the boy will generally feel all of them as they are pushed in and out.

Both of these toys help guys to relax their asses. They quickly learn if they don’t clench their butt then the balls will go in and out smoothly.  It is really good way for them to learn to remain relaxed and just enjoy the sensations. Once you feel the toys going in and out with almost no resistance than you know the boy is really doing well….and ready for more.

The stainless steel butt plug has a green glass ‘diamond’ on the end. Looks great in a boy’s butt. Not too large, perfect for beginners. It is small enough to remain in place for a long period of time.  🙂  I refer to it as my ‘butt bling for beginners’.

Three more favourites – these are awesome. When pushing them in, the pressure builds until they pop in. Once in, they warm up inside the boy’s ass. Perfectly smooth and slick. One evil thing I like to do is put them inside a boy while he is standing up and progressively attach weights to the handle. The boy will try and clench to keep it in – but when the weight finally rips it out, the boy can’t relax his ass fast enough. It rips through his tightened butt. Evil huh?

It is hard to get a sense of scale – but the large egg toy here is really large. A real ass stretcher. When you are pushing it into a boy it gets really tight and painful until it pops into place. The boy then dreads the moment when I pull it out. It’s actually really interesting because once his ass tightens up with the egg inside you are stretching him from the inside to pull it out. A very different sensation.

Here is a teaser pic of some of my other stainless steel toys. Just a small selection of the total collection – I told you I loved stainless.  😉