There’s something erotic about seeing two bi guys having sex with each other. Sissyboy is one of my regular sub boys – and when he came over he had no idea what he was in for. He assumed it was another one on one session. As per usual when he arrived he knocked and stood with his back to the door while I hooded him, blindfolded him and dragged him inside. Almost immediately, there was another knock at the door and Mick arrived. Mick is a hot, totally fuckable guy. I wish I could show you his face.

Mick jumped in the shower to freshen up. I striped Sissyboy naked and got him into a collar and harness. Mick dried off and I introduced them. Sissyboy couldn’t see him, and in fact wasn’t allowed to see him at all – the blindfold stayed on until after Mick had showered, dressed and left three hours later.

Sissyboy got down on his knees and demonstrated his cock sucking ability while I set up the cameras and lights.

It was a good scene. Lots of cock sucking with each of them wearing harnesses. Then a really long rimming session where Sissyboy really went to town on Mick’s ass and got his tongue up his ass. Then more cock sucking. Mick then spanked and paddled Sissyboy very hard – something that Sissyboy loves. He is a total pain puppy who adores being punished.

Then Mick got into the sling, with more rimming of his butt. I then pushed a lot of toys into Mick’s very tight ass before I fucked him senseless while Sissyboy blew him. Mick’s hands were restrained as he blew a massive load down Sissyboy’s throat while I pounded Mick as hard as I could.

I turned off the cameras and Mick got dressed and left. I then tied up Sissyboy and tortured him with electro, and more spanking, before getting him into the sling and fucking him. A friend I had invited over then arrived and he blew us both before I shoved things into his butt.  Fun night.  🙂

I don’t know exactly why I find it hot to watch bi guys being worked over. Perhaps they represent the possibility that I could fuck other guys who normally fuck women. There are plenty of boys who are on the ‘bi now, gay later’ payment plan, but these two are genuinely bi – and obviously love sex.