I once had amazing sex with a deaf guy. It was with a thin, asian, twinky guy in his early twenties who I picked up and ploughed senseless. What made this experience incredibly memorable was the way he moaned.
I’ve often complained that sometimes moaning during sex can seem forced or scripted. I remember one time in New York when I fucked a young opera singer who while being fucked never let up from a constant babble of constant porn star talk of “oh yeah, fuck that ass, do me hard, oh baby” etcetera.
I love boys who are loud and I love genuine moaning. But I want to feel that the reactions are genuine. Fucking a boy who sounds like he spent most of his formative teenager years reviewing Falcon’s back catalogue and learning to moan like a 1980s porn star is not necessarily a turn on. I want people to moan because it is coming naturally, not expected. I want to know that it is my cock that is causing that reaction and not a pre-programmed pavlovian reaction.
With popularity of eastern european twink porn I suppose it is only a matter of time before I come across a boy who starts randomly yelling Czech or Estonian words while I plough his ass.
I digress. Anyway, I was fucking this deaf boy. More accurately, he was riding me because he’d never taken a cock as large as mine and he needed to be in control to take it.  It took him a while to slide all the way down onto my shaft and his eyes were incredibly wide when he finally took it.
He was doing a ‘silent scream’ kind of thing – wide mouth, intense eyes. But then he started moaning. What made this experience incredibly hot was that the realisation that his vocal sounds were entirely unrestrained. He had no preconceptions of how people should moan or what they should sound like. He was just being natural and making sounds.
His moans were slightly higher in pitch than I expected – but they were heartfelt and genuine. When I thrust into him he yelped. When he sank down on my cock he groaned gutturally.  When I fucked him hard and fast he almost squeaked with pleasure.
It was such as turn on – absolutely no holding back. Nothing but honest sounds unsullied by watching porn or what sounds are considered appropriate.
Afterwards, we traded notes backwards and forward – which made it all feel a bit like passing notes in class. If your class was held in bed. Naked. One on one. But you get the idea.
So to all those tops out there – try to fuck a deaf boy at some point. And to all your bottom boys, moan like you can’t hear a thing.  🙂