In a previous post I wrote about sex with a deaf guy. I thought that people might also be interested in the time I played with a boy with cerebral palsy. We started chatting on Grindr. He was hot and cute, a bottom and barely out of his teens. In other words, pretty much my ideal type. Online he was articulate and funny and we agreed to hook up.

Only after we swapped details and arranged a time did he mention that he had a disability. So I had that mild annoyance of “well you could have told me that earlier” but I decided to be my normal open minded self. I actually had every opportunity to cancel, and for a split second a considered the thought of simply not answering my buzzer, but thought it could be an interesting experience (plus did I mention he was hot and cute, a bottom and barely out of his teens?), and I prepared for his arrival. This principally comprised of me picking up things off the floor and tidying up so that if he had limited mobility he would be less likely to trip and fall over crap on the ground.

He arrived, and I buzzed him in. I knew that if he had the motor skills to buzz my apartment and open the door to come up in the lift he wasn’t too mobility impaired. Turns out he was able to move around pretty well, but only has limited speech – or rather, he needed to speak so slowly to make himself understood that it was quicker for him to type it.

We got naked and started fooling around. He was an outrageously good looking kid. Young and smooth. A faint snail trail of hair leading from his stomach to his cock.  His unruly public hair in contrast to his smooth torso.  A really nice cock.

This kid could really suck cock. Definitely in the top ten percent in cock sucking ability. He was excellent at ball play. He actually used a firm grip on my balls to ensure he could easily slide his lips along my cock. Talk about turning a limitation into an advantage.

I won’t get into the specifics of sex – because it was totally normal vanilla sex. Towards the end I tried to fuck him and he couldn’t take my large cock – but if that’s a disability then it is one that many twinks I’ve played with also have.

Only worrisome moment was afterwards when we went for a shower. I have a shower over a bath and he was worried about getting in and out and initially declined a shower (despite being covered in both our cum).  I ended up helping him in and out. He would have slipped on the way out if I hadn’t been holding onto him.

The experience was interesting, but was it good sex? There was a temptation during the evening to focus on his disability and how it impacted on the sex, rather than the sex itself simply because that was something I hadn’t experienced before.

Afterwards we chatted using a type machine he carries around. It is surprisingly fast and uses predictive text so that he only needs to type a few letters for each word. We talked about the guys he plays with and one older guy who he is attracted to. He told me that one of the reasons he likes him so much is that he always looks him in the eye when talking to him. A good point to remember.

All in all, a really good night. I mean, when it comes down to it, I got an awesome blow job from a young guy with a great body. Nothing wrong with that. Absolutely nothing at all.   🙂