I’ve been looking for a house boy to help out around the apartment. When you have as much gear as I have, then I really need someone to help me keep it sorted out and appropriately arranged. There are stainless steel toys to boil and polish, leather to buff and dildos to wash in anti-bacterial soap.

I advertised for a house boy to help out for a few hours a week – and it has been harder than I expected. Lots of interest from older guys, but I was really after a young guy that I could mentor in BDSM as they learned about the gear.

I had an expression of interest from someone that didn’t end up working out – and I thought it was worth showing you what happened. I got the following response to my advertisement:

I’m a 24 year old sub who is interested in BDSM. I am bisexual and while I have been fucked with a strapon, my experiences with men are limited. However, this is something I am desperate to go ahead with.
I am extremely submissive and very much like the sound of the job you wrote about. It would be a big plus if it involved sexual servitude as well and if my slave training progressed from week to week. I am open to most scenes.
I am 6’3″, and a medium build with blond hair and blue eyes. I believe my physical size makes my submission all the more special 🙂 I would be available after work and at select times on weekends.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Slave M x

My response was:

I’m 6’7″ so you are still short compared to me. 😉

There is certainly a level of sexual servitude involved, but as you can imagine I have lots of guys wanting to play with me. What I’m after is someone who can help make my life easier. The apartment can end up with sex toys everywhere – so I want a boy who can help tidy and organize everything. And yes, sexual training can be provided as a reward.

I have a blog where I document some of my sexual exploits and will eventually become a porn site. All filmed in Melbourne. 🙂
Check out soxster.com

Do you work close to the city?

He replied:

I do. Where do we go from here?

You come over one night after work and we do a trial session. I always have gear to be organized and polished and I’ll find some ways to keep you amused while you do it.

I generally get home between six and six thirty on weekday evenings.

That sounds good. Is there anything I should do to prepare for this trial?

Nothing to prepare. Finding a slave or houseboy is no different to any other relationship – there needs to be a connection. So we give it a go and see if we click.  How about Thursday night?

Unfortunately I won’t be free this week, could we possibly try for the week after?  

Wednesday the 30th?

I’m never usually free on Wednesdays… Can do any other day except Saturday that week. Sorry 🙂

Monday the 28th – but starting at eight pm?

Should be fine.

So that’s a definite yes? Because if you don’t know how to use a diary, this isn’t going to work.

I’m sorry. Yes that is a definite yes. What do you have in mind for the evening?

Expect to be in leather gear and assigned to polish and sort my sex gear and perhaps some kitchen cleaning duties. If you do a good job, I’ll let you worship my massive cock. 😉

Great. I hope to one day become a good slave for you, both sexually and in other areas 🙂

It all depends on chemistry. 🙂 there are some great slave boys I have awesome chemistry with (eg sissyboy on soxster) but I’m after a regular houseboy or slave. Sissyboy is awesome but as he has kids and lives an hour from Melbourne it’s hard to find the time to play regularly.

Hence my looking for someone.  😉

Well the thought of being in sexual servitude to someone on a regular basis has turned me on for as long as I can remember, so I’m very excited about this! I’ve also always wanted to be fucked, so hopefully I that can happen too!

That’s not to say I won’t carry out your other duties… But I’ll continue to strive to please you in any way I can! 🙂

Hey… Hope I’m not bothering you, but I just wanted to say that your blog has gotten me so excited and I really can’t wait to serve you. Hope that one day I’m one of your Cherry boys 🙂

Glad you like it – I’ll see you on Monday.
If you would like to chat on the phone tonight, I’m free to talk.

Ok… Do you mind if we email for a bit? I get a bit nervous on the phone 🙁
So how many slaves do you have? And what can I expect to learn from you over time?

What makes a good slave? 

It depends on context. If its purely sexual then an ability to provide feedback on what they are feeling. Staying vocal and communicating is essential. You need to learn to moan and stay vocal – so I know what you are feeling 

Ok. If I fulfil my house boy duties well, is there potential for me to become one of your slaves? 

I have plenty of boys who want to get worked over. So I’m really looking for a house boy first and foremost – but yes, if you do a good job you will get some time being worked over 

What do you mean by worked over? 

Tied up, put in the sling, all the normal slave working over stuff 😉 

Ok. I’m very excited, but a little nervous 🙂 Should I dress in anything in particular? 

Nope – you won’t be wearing it long. And don’t be nervous – you will be stripped down, leathered up and set to work cleaning a week’s worth of sex toys in the bath. If you are good some of them might end up dirty again before you go, by ending up in your butt. I may be fucking or playing with another boy while you are here

Ok, wow my heart is beating fast. I’m very excited to finally be taking this step 🙂 I hope we get along.  I don’t know why I’m so nervous… Right now it’s all I can think about.

That’s how it is supposed to be. Tonight will be nice and easy and non threatening. You have a lot of sex toys to clean and polish. Get ready for latex gloves and anti-bacterial soap as you get them clean. 

Ok, how long do you expect I’ll be there for?

Between two and three hours.

And then came the start of the wimp out….

I don’t think I can make tonight. I’m sorry, I’m just too damn nervous 🙁 

And then a few minutes later….before I could reply:

Actually, disregard that last email. I want this. I’ll see you at 8pm.

Good boy – see you at eight.Try to relax – your first session will be really boring. 😉 You need to take a deep breath and come over. All you will be doing is cleaning and polishing toys. Very domestic. You’ll just be doing it with a collar on. First session will be easy and boring. 

It’s not what we’ll do that makes me nervous. I want to do so much more but I can’t seem to bring myself to do it. Can we reschedule for Sunday? 

No we cannot reschedule for Sunday 

Or another time? 

We agreed this time quite some time ago. I expect you promptly at eight tonight

It’s just that I’m nervous and this feels like a really big step and one that I’m not sure if I want to take. Will we be playing around? 

You can request not to play around tonight. I’ll have a twinky 22yo to amuse me tonight anyway. I was expecting you just to clean and get to know me.  

But I actually want to play around. I want to be trained as a sexual submissive. 
And I’m happy to do that – but take a look at the ad you replied to. It makes it pretty clear what I am offering. It’s up to you whether you come over tonight or not.

I understand. I’m happy to do the house stuff, but I’d like to play too… 
Your request has been noted. 
Can I please come another night? Or earlier tonight? 

Can do seven thirty tonight.

I just feel like the longer I leave it, the more likely I am to talk myself out of it. 

So what is your decision? 

I’m so sorry. I just can’t do it tonight. Is there any way we can do it another time? 

I don’t think that’s likely – you have already wasted my time, haven’t you. If you aren’t there by eight tonight you can find yourself a new master. It’s far less scary than you think. 😉 

I genuinely didn’t mean to waste your time. I guessed I just chickened out and I’m sorry 🙁 

You are going to kick yourself, you know that, right? 

I just can’t bring myself to do it. I’m sorry. I guess I’m not that kinky at heart. 

Check soxster.com later in the week – I’m using you as a case study. Don’t worry – I won’t identify you. 

Please don’t. I really didn’t mean to mess you around. You seem really nice, I just couldn’t work up the courage to do it. 

So what are the results of this exercise? And are there any insights for similar situations in the future? Well the first insight is that I still have a lot of sex toys that need to be cleaned – which is obviously annoying.  The second point is that I really should have insisted on speaking to Slave M before arranging a time – when you speak to someone on the phone you establish a connection and it all becomes less scary. I have no doubt that this guy would have had a great time. Especially as I had a hot 21 year old over who he would have been able to watch me play with (in between cleaning the sex toys).

I really enjoy giving bi-guys a good first time experience – as I’ve documented before. I think that Slave M probably needs to think about what he is after – and I think he needs to kick himself a few times because he missed out on a really good session.

So… still looking for a house boy…. applications welcomed.

Photos of sex toys being boiled below.