On a number of occasions I’ve had guys, particularly young guys, tell me that they are kinky and into everything. I think that the following joke is the best response to this: 

A man is sitting at a bar, looking very depressed, when he strikes up a conversation with a woman who is also looking pretty down in the dumps. After a while, and several drinks, he admits in a moment of indiscretion that he has just been dumped by his wife because he was too kinky for her.  The woman looks at him with incredulity and also admits that she was recently dumped by her husband for being too kinky. They look at each other and agree to cocktails at the woman’s apartment. After a couple more drinks, she tells him she’s going to slip into something a little more interesting…
She goes into her room and changes in to a leather harness and nine-inch high stilletto boots. She gets her cat o’ nine tails ready and comes out of the room to find the man walking out the front door.
“Hey! I thought we were going to get kinky?!”
He turns around and says “I just fucked your dog and shit in your purse, I’m outta here.”

Saying you are into kink it like saying you are into music, it’s promising but unless you want to be the heavy metal fan stuck at Die Fledermaus then it is worth digging a little deeper. It requires honesty about what you are after.  Discuss it like music – make sure you are both after the same pitch, tempo, vibrato.

It is important to remember that it is about more than the act itself – it is also about context. I know boys who love to be spanked in a playful way, who would hate a serious prolonged session where their ass got severely used. I know guys who like ass toys but hate little ones (go the whole fist or forget it). For some people nipple play is about soft caressing and gentle nibbles – for others it is about using the whole pack of bulldog clips before pouring on the lemon juice.

My point is this – be specific about what you want and what you are after – and never EVER tell a BDSM master you are into everything – because if you find yourself having a rodent inserted into your butt then you kinda only have yourself to blame.

I thought that this might illustrate the point – in this shoot a hot boy who is blindfolded gets assaulted with my little friend the toothy zebra…well he never said he wouldn’t be into it.  😉  You mean you AREN’T into being worked over with a puppet? I thought you said you were kinky!