In a previous post (Suck It Up) I detailed my experiences with a hot boy who likes to be scared. Kyle loves to be made to cry. He has given me permission to post a small clip from our session. He is an amazing boy who I look forward to working over some more in the future. Somehow, working over a hot boy who is also intelligent and in touch with his submissive side is so much more interesting.  🙂


How cute are his screams?  🙂

For the record, there is a reasonable amount of air between his legs – so he was good for a few minutes inside the bag. The air gets really hot and wet – it is pretty intense.  I keep something suitable handy to get into the bag quickly. He had a safeword – which he never used. Be VERY careful around breath play activities – play safe!

Fun fact – I’ve been playing with spacebags for a while. When I upgraded my vacuum cleaner to a Dyson it did make it a lot more intense for the boys – really holds them tight and sucks out far more air!  🙂   I wonder if I can get an endorsement deal?