When it comes to the various available vices, I tend to focus on sex. I don’t drink a lot. Don’t smoke. Don’t do drugs (unless you count amyl).  But I think that what I do to my willing subs more than makes up for it to ensure that I don’t miss out on fun.  😉

However, I heard a story tonight that I thought was amusing. I was discussing with a friend how his first experience with marijuana was in boarding school – where he got baked with the dorm’s resident drug dealer.  We talked about how for people who don’t smoke, the act of inhaling a joint often isn’t pleasurable due to the heat of the air.

We talked of various techniques to address this (and I learnt about apple bongs so the smoke is sweeter), and he talked about how the first time he inhaled, he actually locked lips with a straight guy who blew it into his lungs.  It was the next comment that amused me:

“That technically was my first kiss”.

So there you have it – potentially new way to kiss straight boys.